Answer Tuesday! (Non-Football Forum)

Back to the non-football forum questions.

Q: Old School Trojan said:
Cheryl Cole is coming to California to host The X Factor, so have you heard any talk whether she wants to feel at home by moving to Riverside?

A: I thought we’d agreed she would move to San Bernardino.

Q: DFWTrojan said:
Amanda Pflugrad, trick or treat on Saturday night?

A: It was a treat to talk to her and take pictures with her on Halloween. But not so much for the Trojans that night.

Q: bsingleton said:
Jenna Dewan:
1) Went to USC in the 2000s.
2) Is very beautiful.
3) Is such a talented and accomplished dancer, she was hired to tour as a dancer for Janet Jackson and Ricky Martin.
Put them all together, if she tried out for the song girls, would she have immediately been cut?

A: Not only cut but probably attacked by the powers that be for not being from the South Bay.

Q: The Wizard of Troy said:
Your thoughts on Cheryl “Chezza” Cole going straight to No. 1 on the UK charts with her debut single and having the biggest selling single of the year with almost 300,000 sales in its first week

A: I attribute it to our blog readers’ support, of course. And perhaps a bit to the millions of UK viewers watching the X Factor every night.

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