What an ending to a lousy game. I was right in the middle of the near-altercation on the field. And I was thisclose to Rick Neuheisel and Pete Carroll when they shook hands after the game.
Neuheisel said, “good luck,” and the exchange quickly ended.
Carroll said he was not trying to rub it in and was merely competing.
“You’re either competing or you’re not,” Carroll said. “I wasn’t upset or mad or anything.”
He said he also did not mind Stanford going for 2-points two weeks ago, although his face after the game told a different story.
“Go back a couple weeks, I didn’t have a problem with it.”

Offensive Effort

I can only imagine what curt answers Jeremy Bates will have after this game. But who really cares, because former USC basketball Ron Holmes, a former classmate of mine, is here tonight with his sons, who are basketball prospects.
Also here is former USC athletic director Mike McGee.