Answer Wednesday! (Part 5)

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Q: JDStar said:
Scott, so please explain the NCAA rule to me where its illegal for a player to occasionally use their “wife’s” car. I use the term “wife” because Joe and Johana have relationship that is beyond the casual boy/girlfriend relationship. If they were legally married (not just living together) he’d know more about her personal financial situation and the need to immediately register her car with SC. Does the compliance office at SC look into all the possible relationships a player/student might have?

A: I don’t think it is illegal for him to sometimes drive his girl friend’s car. The compliance office is trying to make sure that’s all it is and nothing more. My understanding is McKnight turned over all the information he could but USC still needed more documents from the car’s owner and perhaps the girlfriend. Pete Carroll’s said that he eventually thinks no wrongdoing will be found.

Q: NOBS said:
Are you going to the Emerald Bowl with the Fat Booster?

A: I’m disappointed to say I have not seen the Fat Booster much this season. I don’t know what happened because he was back in good graces following his infamous Stanford sideline display in 2007 when he was briefly banned for an outburst at the officials.
I will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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