Answer Thursday!

That Nut Bowl victory is currently propping up the Pac-10 in the bowl standings.

Q: JamesUSC99 said:
When Pete Carroll first saw Joe McKnight driving a $27,000 Land Rover, did Carroll close his eyes, put his hands over his ears, and start running away while shouting “La la la la la la la la la la la”?

A: I doubt he ever saw the Land Rover. And over the years, a 2006 Land Rover is not exactly extravagant compared to some of the cars driven by players.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
After seeing the basketball team now, where do you see them ending up in the Pac 10? Are you suprised by their improvement and the big win against ranked Tenn?

A: I am surprised by how well the basketball team is playing but not surprised that Kevin O’Neill’s got them playing better than expected. I think there is a chance to finish in the top four if there are no injuries, which would be quite a year considering all the player defections. But I’m a big O’Neill fan so I think it’s possible.

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