If You Can’t Play In the BCS Title Game . . .

Pete Carroll will be an analyst for ESPN for the BCS title game between Alabama and Texas.
“I’m not only looking forward to seeing this great matchup between Alabama and Texas, but joining with the ESPN crew to offer my thoughts and perspectives after having played in the BCS Championship Game in the Rose Bowl,” Carroll said.
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It Never Ends

The BCS is none too happy that a Quinnipiac Poll shows 63 percent favor a football playoff similar to college basketball.
“It’s easy to support a hypothetical playoff on paper, but no one has come up with a viable way to actually create one without diminishing the value of the regular season and ending the bowl games as we know them. Yes, a playoff could be created, but at a tremendous loss to the unique game that we love.”
— Bill Hancock, executive director of the Bowl Championship Series.

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Meyer Fallout

ESPN recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill was asked about Florida coach Urban Meyer’s decision affecting recruits?
“I think this class, right now, is in a bit of a holding pattern.
“Keep in mind; we are in the middle of the recruiting dead period, so no recruiting efforts can take place, in terms of contact on behalf of other teams to current Florida verbal commitments. However, the moment that ends, don’t kid yourself, the chums going to be in the water and the sharks will be circling.
“I think that Florida and Urban Meyer have to come up with a way of quelling any concerns; settling this class down.”

USC’s top linebacker target, Ronald Powell of Moreno Valley, lists Florida and the Trojans as his top two choices.

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