Spin City

The BCS continues its spin war on a playoff. Here’s their argument against a 16-team playoff.
“Playoffs sound great on paper, but once the details become clear, we believe they would trigger as much–if not more–contention than today’s system produces. Playoff proponents can sidestep these problems in a hypothetical world, but we can’t in the real world,” said Bill Hancock, executive director of the BCS.

Sunday Night With Caesar

Carroll wondered if the current investigation regarding McKnight could influence whether to return for next season or turn pro.
“Joe was clearly thinking about coming back,” he said. “Whatever happens with this might affect it. I don’t know but he was determined to come back.”

On The Draft

Tailback Allen Bradford received an evaluation from the NFL regarding his draft status but is expected to return for his senior season. Tailback C.J. Gable also asked for an evaluation but could turn pro.

Praising Barkley

Pete Carroll praised quarterback Matt Barkley tonight, who passed for 350 yards with two touchdowns but two interceptions.
“I was really fired up about Matt’s game,” Carroll said. “He’s not young anymore. This season offered a wealth of learning. He’ll never be the same. Our future is pivotal at that position. He’ll have more experience than any sophomore we ever had.”

Barkley On Williams

Matt Barkley tried to convince Damian Williams to return for his senior season after the game, especially after USC fans chanted, “one more year” to Williams after the game.
“I second that. He’s had such a great season. I was just trusting him (on the deep plays) to go get the ball and make the play.”
Williams said he would return to Arkansas with his family today. He’s already informed friends he would turn pro.