Answer Friday! (Part 2)

You ask, I answer.

Q: Charlie Bucket said:
regarding the recent NCAA hearings, do you find President Sample’s comment (“It will be great.”) extremely odd? even if the penalties are not severe (i don’t think they will be) what is “great” about being sanctioned? or the humiliation Southern Cal went through being grilled for 3 days like common criminals? that almost sounds like something Mike Garrett would say.

A: I would not compare what happened to being “common criminals,” so I disagree with that statement. But I said earlier in the week I thought Sample’s comments were strange. Maybe because he has one foot out the door, he is saying some weird things before he retires.

Q: Worthington said:
Regarding the basketball program, i think the lack of institutional control is an open/shut case. Did Mike Garrett forget what happened to Jeff Trepagnier? How does he let a known agent runner that has already been involved in the suspension of USC players anywhere near the program? My question is, do you think the lack of control Garrett had over the basketball program lowers the credibility of the football program testimony? Could there be spillover sanctions to the football program due to the win at all costs tone at the top?

A: The NCAA will definitely look at why Rodney Guillory was allowed around the basketball program following the Trepagnier case. It should be noted that USC’s compliance office banned Guillory from getting tickets to games but Guillory was still around the program. I’m sure Garrett was grilled about this in Tempe last weekend and it does play a role in the NCAA’s decision on the “institutional control,” issue. But I don’t know that it will be more important than Todd McNair’s tesitimony in terms of deciding anything about a lack of control.

Q: sctrojan84 said:
Any updates on Henderson/Anderson for this year’s recruiting class?

A: I expect Anderson to commit either on or shortly after his visit. Henderson remains strongly committed to USC barring a draconian penalty from the NCAA.

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