Answer Friday! (Part 3)

Q: sdog said:
Who do you feel was the biggest disappointment during his USC career- Joe McKnight or Emerson Griffen?

A: Tough question. Griffen really did not do a whole lot before his junior season and Pete Carroll said he was ready to play in the NFL out of high school. Carroll also said Griffen could play tailback in college. Neither appeared true.
McKnight got much more publicity because he was a tailback. I think Griffen was the bigger disappointment but more people will say McKnight because he received more attention.

Q: Trezman1 said:
What is the Football program’s general policy on drinking? Strictly banned during season? Tolerated during off season? Likewise, are the players generally drinkers?

A: After the Mark Sanchez incident, USC issued some guidelines that banned drinking. Now I am not naive enough to think drinking does not take place, especially at parties. But all athletes attend seminars on drinking and other addiction issues during the school year.

Q: Bruin818 said:
Are you surprised at the success Taj Gibson is having in the NBA. Had he stayed another year would he be a dominant player right now?

A: I am a little surprised at how well he has played. I think his stock might increase if he came back, but he was still a first-round pick and more importantly, his age (24 when he turned pro) made staying another season a bit of a risk.

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