Answer Friday! (Part 4)

Who will be the breakout player for next season?

Q: norcaltroy said:
SW, of the current football roster or incoming class, who do you think may surprise us all with a breakout season in 2010?

A: I think Robert Woods could be a very influential player next season at wide receiver. It could also be an interesting season for Marc Tyler, if he can stay healthy. I also think Malik Jackson might finally emerge after two relatively quiet seasons. But I think Woods is the one most people will notice because of the nature of his position. I can see him doing a lot of things with the ball, if Lane Kiffin chooses to use him.

Q: winforever said:
Why haven’t you posted anything about LaMichael James’s arrest or any of the Oregon legal problems? You were pretty proud of LaMichael James being a two sport athlete.

A: I usually try to avoid posting things that every other web site in the country already mentioned. I did run a response from Mike Bellotti on Oregon’s recent problems. And I mentioned Jamere Holland getting kicked off the team.
I was proud of James being a two-sport athlete. More athletes should try it, even at USC. I believe it helps football players increase their speed to run track. That has nothing to do with his arrest.

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