Answer Friday! (Part 5)

More questions on a Friday afternoon.

Q: gilligan said:
Will Ricky Rosas still be involved in some capacity with the football team? Thank you in advance.

A: I have not heard an answer regarding this important question but I would monitor ripsit for any developments, if it can find time between running pictures of the L.A. skyline.

Q: JAG said:
My understanding is that NCAA violations in the Pac-10 can be investigated by the school (like USC BB), the Pac-10, or the NCAA. I was also under the impression that the NCAA preferred the school to police itself when possible. In the Bush case, I have seen it reported that USC reqested a Pac-10 investigation shortly before the story broke, and that the NCAA took over the investigation shortly after that. I have never seen an explanation of these events. To the best of your knowledge, did the NCAA take over because:
A. USC and Pac-10 requested it (Why?)
B. Mutual agreement by all parties
C. NCAA exerted executive privilidge (Why)
D. Normal protocol for this type of investigation

Answer: The school usually starts an investigation and the Pac-10 then becomes involved. If it is serious, the NCAA mounts an investigation. The Bush case was so high profile, that the NCAA was always going to get involved. USC alerted the Pac-10 and the NCAA at the same time. And both groups got involved. That is the usual protocol for the highest-profile cases.

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