Answer Friday! (Part 6)

Recruiting rankings and the disappearing Lexus Gauntlet in this segment.

Q: One Pete said:
I read an interview that Lane Kiffin gave and its apparent that he is obsessed with recruiting rankings. Problem is, not once did he mention how he planned to develop “talent”. Is he a PC clone in that aspect where he doesn’t feel compelled to develop his players and would rather rely on their internet rankings and alleged talent to overwhelm other opponents? This error in thinking caught up to PC over the last 3-4 seasons, should we expect more of the same?

A: He is like Pete Carroll in that he is obessed with competing. And one way of competing is having highly ranked recruiting classes. The fact is most coaches rely on the talent of recruits over developing players. So Kiffin is not much different than others in this dept. Although Pete Carroll loves to compete, it sometimes created a juvenile attitude toward such things. So there is a danger there.

Q: VB’s Office Plant said:
Is there a Lexus Gauntlet type competition between ucla and USC to track “offseason championships” or would it be pointless as we all know that the bRuins are so superior in this category?

A: The Gauntlet is still a competition but I have not received a single email from USC or UCLA with the updated standings this year. USC is well ahead thanks to its football and men’s basketball sweeps, but it would be nice to hear from either athletic dept. on this contest.

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