Answer Sunday!

Some more answers from the Open Forum questions.

Q: scroxx said:

The SEC is known for its “front sevens” will Kiff start that mentality when it comes to future recruiting?

A: I’m very certain the front seven is going to be a major emphasis of recruiting next season, especially with the latest recruiting class light on defensive linemen and linebackers. I expect a lot of offers this spring to players at those positions.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
If USC gets penalized because of Bush and his parents, do you think USC would consider taking down his jersey from the Coliseum? How about losing his Heisman? It’s too bad the school could get penalized and the player has no consequences.

A: I don’t think USC will take his jersey down but losing the Heisman is a possibility. There are no consequences for Reggie Bush, which is one reason I asked last week if readers felt he owed it to USC to testify at the NCAA hearings.

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