Answer Monday!

Time to finish off the forum, proudly brought you by Roman Meal bread, despite the loss of Caesar as the leader of USC football.

Q: tom_floyd said:
In light of your “Hearing Fallout” entry to your Inside USC blog this morning, do you think the ncaa might interpret the self-imposed basketball sanctions as overcorrection thus leaving the football program to take the brunt of any lack of institutional control penalties?

A: I don’t think the NCAA will look at the basketball penalties will affect the football penalties even though the basketball penalties were quite severe. I believe the NCAA will accept the self-imposed basketball sanctions. The football sanctions will be an independent decision that may or may not be justified depending on your view.

Q: $uckaFREE said:
Who is the “fat booster” I hear you talk about from time to time?

A: He is the booster who nearly received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Stanford in the famous loss to the Cardinal (clearly shown in the Versus telecast) and was banned from the sideline the rest of the season.

Q: uscmike said:
What are your thoughts about the NBA future, if any, for the seniors on USC’s basketball team (i.e., Lewis, Johnson, Gerrity etc.). Do you think any will be taken in the NBA draft, make a roster, or will ultimately play a substantial role on a NBA team? Any thoughts you have concerning USC’s NBA prospects are greatly appreciated. As always, thanks for the forum, Scott.

A: I think Marcus Johnson could be a second-round pick because of his defensive ability but he’s been hurt by a terrible shooting slump the past nine games where he is shooting around 28 percent from the field. Hia athletic ability will get him some looks. Dwight Lewis will need to shoot well during workouts to have a chance to get drafted. I think Mike Gerrity will probably end his career after college because he is getting married this summer, but you never know.