Holding Pattern

Although USC might not kick field goals this spring because special teams coach John Baxter prefers to wait until training camp, the Trojans do need to find a holder on placekicks. Walk-on wide receiver Robbie Boyer and quarterback Mitch Mustain are the current candidates.

6 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. great strategy, Kiff! why waste time on the kicking game in the Springtime?

    say, how did Kiff lose that game to eventual Natl Champ Alabama last year? oh they had a game winning kick blocked in the 4th quarter? what? you say they had TWO game winning kicks blocked in the 4th quarter??

    right, why practice kicks in Spring. i just hope the low lifes don’t come out from under their rocks when Southern Cal loses a game because of a kicking game snafu. not that i wish that to happen, i just sayin’…

  2. Thanks to you Charlie, we don’t have to wait until the season for the low lifes to show themselves…

  3. smorris……..why respond, let alone read comments from fucla trolls? Do you really care what he thinks? Stop giving him what he wants, attention.
    “if a fucla trolls writes in a blog and nobody reads it”

  4. nice retort, SMO…unfortunately your mommy TC says you have to go inside because the boys are playing too rought out here. i think she wants you to make some nice crafts…

  5. Nobody pays attention to Charlie because he’s a Bucket-of-Sh**. The only time his comments are meaningful is when…..when…when.. Well, actually, they never are.

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