Caesar’s Luck

The cumulative record of Pete Carroll’s opponents next season is 116-140, the 30th-toughest schedule in the NFL.

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  • buslu

    Maybe it’s not a luck. Maybe he knew this in advance and that’s why he left USC.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Let it go. It makes you look very little.

  • jamfan

    Maybe its because, I dunno – the fact that Seattle sucked last year? Bad teams have easy schedules. Good teams have hard schedules.

    And this is news why?

  • USC’89

    Yeah, Ego King lucked out with a cake schedule. Seahawks could even make the playoffs and we will hear all kinds of Pete rah-rah, pumped/jacked/psyched crap. Reality hits with a blowout playoff loss.

    Then the honeymoon is over the next season when Pete will have to handle a real schedule.

    Pete will be unemployed in 5. God I hope USC isnt dumb enough to bring his a$$ back.

  • Evil Robot

    Good “inside” info on SC here.

    Since you are making a trip to the NFL, I’ll play along. None of this is “luck” and is completely a function of their playing in the worst division in football and their rotation through the AFC has them paired up with the AFC West, which is the second worst division. These 10 games were locked in years ago. As for the remaining 6 games, their opponents finished at a cumulative .500 (7-9, 8-8, 13-3, 8-8, 9-7, 3-13) which is pretty hard to find fault with. Throw in the fact that they’re playing the defending champs and it is a pretty fair schedule.

    Nice attempt at being petty though. I would say that you should turn the page on Carroll, but once theNFL draft is over all you would have left is posting the baseball team’s record.

  • charlie_bucket

    Thith ith newth becauth Wolfie doeth not like Pete. It maketh Wolfie-poo happy to needle the greateth coach in hithtory. Auuuuu Woooooooo Woooooo.