• USCfan

    well he would go to highschool football games the night before ‘SC had a game. i’m sure he’ll attend for maybe 1st half or 2nd half

  • NOBS

    Want to bet on which sports writer WON’T be invited to the Sea/Az game?

  • charlie_bucket

    Oh NOBth. They never invite Wolfie-poo. Thoth mean coacheth. Owooooo Wooooo Woooo. Sugarrrry Thweeeet.

  • http://facebook.com/robertkarrillo UCLA ROB

    No, Caesar will not be there.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Give it a rest.


    He’ll get enough laughs on Sunday watching Leinart carry the clipboard.

  • SoCalMAB

    Yes he will attend, and probably meet up with Leinart at some point, and be featured on TV at the SC game, and for Bruin NC who probably can’t read, Leinart is starting. And will still be starting by then. BTW which UCLA alum quarterback is starting anywhere?