Horton Transition

Sophomore defensive end Wes Horton is currently starting in nickel situations but said he is still learning to play the position.
“I’ve never been a natural pass rusher,” Horton said. “In high school, they have you play everything. I was never a pure pass rusher. The biggest thing for me was gaining confidence.”

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  • Charlie Bucket

    wolf, you are amazing…on a dead sports news day, you provided over a dozen sweeeet scoops!

    keep on scoopin’ wolfman!!


  • RealityCheck

    Mr. Bucket, can you explain what a scoop means to you?

  • SC JJ1979

    March 6, 2010
    Charlie Bucket said: so sugar sweeeet! UCLA makes the postseason again! nothing like March Madness!

  • Charlie Bucket

    RC: i don’t consider any news official until wolf validates it. consequently, pretty much anything wolf writes is technically a scoop. but he also supplies far more “traditional” scoops than any other sports writer.

    one classic example of this is the Norm Chow fiasco, when Natl outfits were reporting Chow was going to Southern Cal, wolf did not jump on the bandwagon and indeed, was the first to accurately report chow was not going.

    more recently, NumbersGate is a story wolf totally scooped the rest of the country on; they will eventually catch up. observe how ESPN came to wolf when trying to do a story on Garrett. without wolf, they had no story. when the pete carroll story was exploding, who did Jim Hill bring on the TV set to guide him through the story? wolf, that’s who.

    when i say “scott”, you say “wolf”



  • uscmike

    Bucket – You have some crap on your nose.