Mays Rips Carroll

Taylor Mays ripped USC coach Pete Carroll today after he was drafted by the 49ers.
“I definitely thought from the relationship that we had (that he’d be Seattle’s pick).
“The things that he had told me about the things I needed to do, I felt he told me the complete opposite from the actions that he took. It was alarming with who he took as a safety. I understand it’s a business, but you should be honest. That’s all I’m asking for.”

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  • USCfan

    i completely agree with mays on this one.

  • Tom_Trojan

    Taylor, havent you had enough of PC’s bull?

  • USC’89

    Maybe some of these extreme rah-rahs that bought all the pumped/jacked/psyched crap hook, line and sinker will realize that Pete is nothing more than a selfish, egomanical POS.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey understands Taylors, but thinks that Taylor fails to grasp the issue. Kind of like he failed to wrap the tackles.

    The Donkey feels Taylor was like the very hot girl who just lays in bed. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about doing it right.

  • T4

    None of this matters, Taylor and Carroll era @ USC are History. Now Taylor, if you want to bug the Bullshitter (Carroll) wrap his receivers up the two times you play.
    Then when the game is over…you can give him a hug and the raspberries.

  • paulm

    Taylor lacked coaching. Why should PC draft what he scewed up. Would have been great for TM to play in his home. Should have picked WSC

  • spedjones

    what’s great is that SC hired a bunch of Pete hand-me-downs as his replacement. Should be great years ahead for SC…

  • USCfan

    yeah Mays underperformed because of the horrible coaching regimes. thank the horrible staff of 2009

  • NOBS

    F Mays. F Carroll. Both dumb sh*ts.

  • firetedtolner

    The Ted agrees with the Don Key, but still likes PC and Taylor.

  • RickBruin

    maybe PC should have a Seahawk team composed entirely of SoCal players

  • uscmike

    Carroll comes off as a hypocrite for saying kids (like Sanchez and Mays) should stay in school for their senior year, and then drafting a redshirt sophmore safety from Texas.

    Mays comes off as naive by thinking that his old college coach owed him the favor of picking him in the first round.

    My hunch is that Taylor Mays will be in the NFL longer than Pete Carroll, and will have the last laugh. When Seattle plays SF, Pete should keep an eye on Mays on any plays near the Seahawk sideline.

  • Sam Gilbert

    1. The Donkey is my hero.

    2. It looked like Taylor Mays just coasted through the year after USC fell out of contention for making the NC Game. What would make Pete think Mays wouldn’t do the same when he realizes that Seattle won’t be in the SuperBowl?

  • Trojan Conquest

    This is a little more complex than some think. First off, of course Mays should have come out after his junior year. But who would have thought that he would play so shitty last year? I don’t think he played well after his injury. He was late to almost every play. I also thought he was affected by the “Taylor Mays” rule of blowing up receivers. I’ll love to see Mays take out Golden Tate when they play. But bottom line, Mays f*cked up, he trusted Carroll.

  • Free_Thinker

    Armchair quarterbacking is easy. Conquest and Don Key hit it right for individual reasons. Watching Mays play after Congress and Lundgren blew off about the rough play was like watching a kid who’s just been spanked.

    Bottom line is that Mays was not the player Seattle needed. All the other scouts are just as informed. The market set his value. If he had performed well, he might have gone higher.

  • oregon111

    the USC players in college look more dominant than they really are because they play with so many other great players

    oh my god, what will happen when Pete gets a chance to draft Barkley???

    can you say D-R-A-M-A ???

    it will be like a freakin episode of ‘the bachelor’

    will Barkley get a rose from Pete???

  • Gnossos

    As Always, the Don Key knows……….

  • charlie_bucket

    The Don Key makes the Buck-et look like a Mon Key.