Carroll On Mays

Pete Carroll was asked about Taylor Mays’ comments Friday.
“Well, first off, I love Taylor. I love the player that he is, and we were thinking that we would have a terrific chance to get him somewhere. When our safety situation came up with Earl (Thomas), we didn’t think Earl was going to get to us. We jumped at that opportunity there.
“I’d like to pick all my guys, but it just didn’t work out, and unfortunately for Taylor, it was a hard day for him. His expectations were very, very high, and mine, too. So I feel for him. But I know what he’s going to be like. He’s going to be ferocious about going about this opportunity with San Francisco. Unfortunately, he’s in the division so we’re going to be battling against him and all that.
“This is a remarkably competitive guy, and prideful, and I’m sure he’s got a chip on his shoulder, and it’s going to serve him well. It’s not going to help us in the division. He’s a terrific player. He’s an extraordinary, and I felt bad for him, that it didn’t happen quicker in the first round. Certainly, we were ready and would have loved to have had him. Just by the way it fell, we were very excited about Earl. We thought Earl would go 7, 8, 9, right in there.”

“I’d like to pick all my guys.” That’s the interesting quote because he passed on Mays and Damian Williams.

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  1. The comment really isn’t interesting at all SW. Of course he would “like to” pick all his guys. But reality steps in and it IS a business…

  2. PC is in business for real now. Winning and losing is about dollars and cents even more than at SC.

  3. wolf is all over this story and the rest of the media is catching up as usual days later. sweeeeeet scoopin’!!

    what is this queer obsession of Cheatey’s to humiliate his players?? recall how he tried to sink Sanchez in his draft by saying he was not ready for the pros?

    then after the first round he said Mays was not a playmaker, which sunk him to an even lower draft spot.

    this finally sinks the phony sentiment that people are Southen Cal trOJans “for life” HAH! what a joke. obvisously they will stab each other in the back first chance they get!!

  4. water covers 2/3 of the Earth, wolf covers the rest!!!

    keep oooooooooon scoopin’ wolfman!!!

    when it comes to draft day, signing day, or what have you, wolf always rises to the occasion like all champions do.


  5. I am such a negative dum dum. I only love Wolfie Ulfie and his great big tchoopth and manlineth ath a journalith. Owoooo Woooo Woooo

  6. Hey chum bucket… Don’t comment on what you don’t understand. Carroll would never have been considered a Trojan for life by any real Trojan. You actually hafta attend the university to receive that honored designation and be considered a true member of the Trojan family.

  7. Mr. Bucket, you are clearly over the top in your praise for Mr. Wolf. It’s actually not very convincing and looks very foolish, especially for the poor blogger. If I was Mr. Wolf, I’d ban you for making me look like I invite hyperbole from buffoons.

    As for the blog comment; football is a business. It a painful lesson for may of these young men coming out of college. But one they learn very quickly.

  8. I’m sure Pete truly would like to pick all his guys. After all, he picked them once before. But in the NFL, that sentiment isn’t enough to overpay for a player. At no time when the Seahawks had a pick to make was Mays one of the 5 best players available. You can’t afford to take a top 40 guy with the 14th pick.

  9. Mr. Bucket, As I noted earlier. You appeared to be a buffoon. You have dispelled any doubts.

  10. i apologize Mr. Check, for insulting your delicate sensibilities with my buffoonery. sometimes i forget that this blog is for serious fans only.

    by the way, do have any Grey Poupon?

  11. @RealityCheck

    Not only is he a buffoon, but notice how this CharlieBucket person posted comments in this “Carroll On Mays” post during the morning, noontime, and early evening on a SATURDAY!!!! This person clearly has no life. While everybody else is busy hanging out with friends or pursuing hobbies, Bucket is wasting his life away in front of a computer (probably constantly clicking on his browser’s refresh button). The saddest part of this is that he’s completely oblivious to the fact that everybody’s laughing at him.

  12. Nuggs: i am glad you asked about my schedule, because you could learn a lot from my time management skills. today i: read the entire LA times w/ coffee on my beautiful back deck, attended a sporting event, spent several hours re-org & cleaning garage, visited dear old granny, went shopping, played with pooch, made noodles, am watching laker game now and i just getting warmed up!! thanks to my computer that i take home from my job at candy factory, i can be there for Southern Cal almost any time! without me you cyber bullies would have no life, so if anything i am here for you, man.

  13. Oh so sugaary thweeet. Me an Wolfie forever. He is tho thpecial and thcoopy. I jutht love Wolf.

  14. Cbuck: I’m calling BS on your schedule. It sounds like everything you wish you could do while still finding time to post on this board.
    As for your “without me you cyber bullies would have no life”, you still can’t get through your thick skull that you’re the one with no life. You’re the one that camps out on this blog and posts comments all day long. Seriously, is this blog your only source of human interaction? You can’t find anybody to have a real conversation with? If anything, you are on this blog to drown away your sorrows for having such a lame existence. This blog seems to be the only thing you have going on.

    If you hate USC so much, why don’t you go to some sports bar and talk trash there? I’m sure you’ll find plenty of Trojan and Bruin fans to talk to. While you’re at it, you might as well try to meet some women because you sure as heck aren’t meeting any on this blog.

    I’ve seen your comments all over this board at all times during the day, so it’s clear that you either have no job or you’re a peon. If you were actually employed and making decent money (to buy a home with a “beautiful back porch” as you claim), you would be too busy to visit this blog all day long. Of course, the only exception would be if you are Scott Wolf and this blog was part of your job.

    Anyway, it’s 10 PM on a Saturday, so I’m heading out with some friends in a few. You should do the same before you wake up one day and realize that the 40 Year Old Virgin movie was written about you.

  15. Notice that there is no mention of a girlfriend or wife in his busy day but due to the fact that I am still adhering to my 11 step program I will not comment.

  16. I’m with Gnossos and spending a lot more time at the real quality SC information sites.

    As for Bucket, the reason he is always on at same time as Wolf and posting the oozy Wolf paeans is that Bucket is a pen name Wolf uses. That folks is F’n weird.

  17. Bucket asking “what is this queer obsession” really is more than a tad ironic isn’t it?

  18. Bucket asking “what is this queer obsession” is more than a bit ironic isn’t it?

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