Answer Wednesday!

Time to get back to answering some questions.

Q: sobayquail said:
It seems to me that there are a number of successful college baseball coaches out there with proven records. How’s chances of SC picking up someone like the USD coach? Looks like Oregon has turned it around in only the second year of playing the game although they too hired a known college coach.

A: If you conduct a normal coaching search, you will find a qualified candidate most of the time. That was not done when Mike Gillespie got fired. George Horton was interested in the USC job but USC never contacted him. So he went to Oregon and already has the program on the rise.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
So far Pete Carroll has brought LenDale White, Mike Williams, Anthony McCoy, Josh Pinkard, Will Harris and Jeff Byers to the Seahawks. In addition to Lofa Tatupu, Lawrence Jackson, Tom Malone and Ryan Powdrell that makes ten of his former players on the team.

The dynamic between coach and player is much different in the NFL than college football.

Do you think the history between the coach and the players help or hurt their success in the NFL?

A: I think it’s a mixed bag. It helps the player to go to a coach who knows their talents. But what if it would have been better for someone to go to a team that had a bigger need at their position instead of playing for their former coach? It might help Stafon Johnson in the long run to get away from Pete Carroll, who never really utilized him properly anyways.

Q: miguelito said:
what happens to Kiffen if he loses to both UCLA and Notre Dame this year? (games not being very competitive)

A: He will be extremely unpopular with the fans. That’s part of the pressure from replacing Pete Carroll, who was 16-2 against the archrivals.

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  • BoscoH

    Pete is going to last all of 10 minutes in Seattle if the Trojans he picked up don’t (on the whole) overperform for what they are paid. The last exclamation point he wants to put on his career is that he ran USC, WA like McKay ran USC, FL. Loyalty is all well in good, but it is more likely to get him into trouble than not. Knowing that these players were undervalued, however, is a different deal. Let’s hope that’s why Pete brought them in. I’m sure that’s the case with Byers.

    As for Stafon, you have to love his story, and you have to be thankful that Fish picked him up and that if he can make the team for a couple of years and get good advice, he is set for life. But that was a brutal, brutal, scary, scary inury, and the likelihood of him having truly recovered enough to play football at this level is low. Signing him was a chance that Pete couldn’t take. But there should be no doubt that the LenDale trade and the Stafon signing were coordinated and intertwined.

  • Mike

    I disagree with Scott answer to miguielito. If SC loses to fucla and notre dumb in this year, hell will have frozen over so no one will be worried about football.

  • If SC had the opportunity to get Horton and didn’t even pursue the possibility then I am questioning Garrett’s judgement. To pass over a proven guy who Turned Oregon around in one year for a guy with 3 months experience managing the minor league Modesto Nuts, and now has the Trojans in the cellar, is mind boggling.