Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a question about whether Lane Kiffin will act more like Pete Carroll with fans at some point.

Q: SCFTBL1 said:
What’s the deal with Lane? He seems to treat the fans the same as Larry Smith and Paul Hackett did. He spent no time at Swim With Mike, meeting the fans and from what I saw did nothing to promote this charity. Pete was very generous with his time and even ate lunch at the bbq. I can understand the paranoia about agents and autograph hounds but to treat members of the Trojan family as if we were a distraction from his job is completely wrong-headed. I remember Hackett being in a hurry to leave Swim With Mike but still stayed long enough to meet with the fans. Lane was not even that courteous. Is this something we can expect as long as he has this job?

A: i’ve commented frequently that Lane Kiffin is very business-oriented and not a schmoozer. USC fans were fortunate that Pete Carroll coached for nine years. There is no coach in the country who would interact with fans as much as Carroll and patiently sign autographs and take pictures and hold open practices. He was a one-of-a-kind.
So I would say Kiffin will be consistent in his behavior at USC. He walks off the practice field and goes back to work. That is his nature. So do not expect a change.

Q: gilligan said:
Mr. Wolf, I have a non-USC question, is the NCAA a non-profit and how are their mega billion television agreements (e.g football, basketball) allocated? Thank you in advance.

A: The NCAA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that claims to be “organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes.” Many find this ludricrous, especially when it signs 11-year deals with CBS that provide $545 million per year. That money is shared by the NCAA and member schools. There is a formula that rewards schools based on their NCAA Tournament performances over a four-year period. Football payoffs are determined by conferences and bowl alignments.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Is it true that De’Anthony Thomas is attempting to transfer to Serra?

A: I don’t know but considering the way Serra gets transfers, it would not surprise me.

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  • Charlie Bucket

    sweeet reporting wolf…i hope the rabid Kool-Aiders recognize that you always gave Caesar credit where it is due not only with his winning record as you have always, but with his interactions with fans and underprivileged. he was indeed, one of a kind.

    still shocked at how many Southern Cal fans have turned on Caesar of late for completely unjustified reasons (e.g. his not drafting Mays or Williams)

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Charlie, What’s with your queer obsession?

  • Charlie Bucket

    Jethro: (great Tag by the way) as i have stated before, i am a helper by nature and my only obsession is to help Southern Cal get through the upcoming perfect storm of catastrophes: NCAA sanctions, 5-6 loss football season, continued implosion of baseball and basketball programs etc.

    why do you find my obsession to help queer? i think is a normal reaction to seeing a fellow Pac10 school on the verge of total collapse.

    if helping Southern Cal is wrong, then i don’t want to be right.