Directors’ Cup Standings

USC’s dropped to 38th in the current standings with 382.50 points. Stanford is first with 962 points. UCLA is 13th (567), Cal is 18th (502.50), Oregon 24th (456.50) and Arizona 37th (385.05).
The standings measure how every sport does and awards points for how high you finish nationally in each sport.

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  • Charlie Bucket

    at UCLA, we measure our performance by Natl. Titles, not by “Pac 10 this” or “Regional that”. we dont hang Pac 10 championship or tournament banners in Pauley, (there would be no room, dig it). Natl Titles Banners, solo mente.

    and by that measure, UCLA is el Numero Uno with 105 NCAA Natl Titles!!!! oh so sugary SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!

  • lbc trojan

    Charlie, how many are in football?

    Just thought I’d ask, seing as it’s the most popular sport in the nation.


  • Jon

    How much longer until Stanford has the most NCAA titles? Just a matter of the school fielding more NCAA teams ultimately having the most NCAA titles. Even more amazing given that Stanford is a private school, so partial scholarships still make school unaffordable.

  • Charlie Bucket

    lbc: glad you asked! Football is the only spot the NCAA does not give out Natl. Titles in (no tournament) and the NCAA officially recognizes only the BCS Champs. so using that as a starting point, UCLA has only one (paper) Natl Championship in football from ’56. Southern Cal has one BCS football title, but since Mr Reggie started taking $$ in Nov ’04 (several mos before Southern Cal’s lone BCS win bad timing ouch) it is quite conceivable that lone BCS title will be vacated. which will leave Southern Cal with a bushel of paper titles. Princeton has the most paper titles by far (about 23 i think). insofar as football’s popularity, the Final Four is by far the most watched event in the USA.

  • retired bill

    Mr. bucket, how is the girls marble tournament going?That trophy would look good hanging in the pauley outhouse.

  • Charlie Bucket

    Tired Bill: what, you come out of retirement every three months to bust my chops?? don’t you have some tomato plants to water?

  • trojannite90

    Mr Bouquet with an excellent job of PWNING.

  • “Count” Smackucla

    Hey Chalee,

    So by your own admission, UCLA has no football National title, not even the 0.5 share from 1954. AWESOME.. can you get that over to the Morgan Center asap, also Wikipedia needs a little updating, lol.

    Bucket revisionist… loving it!
    So Sugary Sweet.. Awoooooooo