More Caesar On Tate

Pete Carroll talked to Colin Cowherd about why he selected Golden Tate:
“What I like about him is the guy’s a baller. We played against him, we saw him on all of his films for years, he just was a special football player on the field.
“He does not fit some of the profiles that you look for in a wide receiver. You’re looking for tall, lanky guys, or the speed burner if he’s a smaller guy. He’s got terrific speed, but he has way better play making ability than a lot of guys on the board.
“And he came through, he’s tough, he can return the ball, he ran out of the backfield, he ran the Wild Cat, all of those things combined make him a valuable player.
“Our really good players (at USC) were really battling just to keep him under wraps, and we weren’t able to do it all the time.”

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  • Trojan 70

    Again with the Carroll and Seahawks! Nobody gives a s**t. PLEASE…this is a USC blog.

  • Charlie Bucket

    translation: Tate is better than Williams and Mays couldn’t stop him. ouch.

    et tu otra vez, Caesar?

  • charlee bucket

    sugar sweet


  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Agree with Trojan 70, who gives a f*** about Carroll anymore. Every time I see him on TV I want to barf, his jacked BS is dull and unoriginal, go away.

  • retired bill

    Bucket,have you been in the candy again?

  • PoorUSCDad

    C Bucket, would you please try to occasionally post something worthwhile instead of your usual childish drivel? Futue te ipsum et caballum tuum

  • Charlie Bucket

    poorSouthernCalDad: sorry, this is as good as it gets.


  • Free_Thinker

    Nice spelling Wolf. At least you’re a consistent moron.