Wittek In Seattle

We hear Mater Dei quarterback Max Wittek and his father are flying to Seattle to attend Washington’s spring game. Didn’t Wittek commit to USC last week?

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  • NOBS

    Who cares? Scroggins will be QB when he attempts to go to SC anyway.

  • Brainiac

    Is he under house arrest? Is he not allowed to visit?

  • TrojanChamp

    Steve Sarkisian strikes USC with a knife in the back. Why would he invite another school’s commit to his game. This like when he tried to convince James Boyd if he came to Washington, Jake Locker moves to linebacker.

  • torpedoman

    This is wonderful, Big Max goes up to Washington to see what the upperclassmen will look like when he kicks their asses in the coming years.

    My good friend NOBS..Wittek will be the starter before Jesse Scroggins gets off the scout team. Regardless of what SW thinks, Scroggins is not going to win the starting QB job here. I seriously look for him to be running spread offenses from the scout team in practice.

    Fight On,

  • douchiedude

    makes complete senses. locker is in his final year, he feels he could start off the bat there since their competition isn’t as good as usc’s either.

  • jonathantu

    Wittek is allowed, and should be encouraged, to take the allotted trips he can take as a recruit. Only someone desperate – a.k.a. Scott Wolf, the most desperate man I’ve seen outside of a penitentiary for bald men with writer’s block – could come to any other conclusion. This isn’t classed into the same category as declaring Mario Danelo’s death a suicide, but it’s certainly an exercise in opinion and not fact. I’m sure it’ll be followed by another post devoid of grammar and scrutability.

  • torpedoman

    jonathantu…Loved it, however in Scotts case it’s not ‘scrutability” it’s “scrote” ability, because it really takes balls to show your ass every day in this public form like he does. lol
    Fight On

  • NOBS

    Torpedo my pal, have you been eating la la crappy’s Big Macs? Jesse had a bad all star game. BUT if his brain develops as well as his arm has, he is a gamer. I won’t be shocked if Kiff starts running the spread. So we’ll see. Bottom line for me, I don’t give a Sh*t Bucket if the kid goes to the W spring game. He ain’t sh*t…..yet. No matter, Kiff and Eddie O will get their man at QB, whoever that may be.

    BTW, I’m sure Scotty got his info from Petros the moron. You know the saying, birds of a feather……

  • Flyerz73

    Could it be that this is a chance to study his trade??? Maybe watch Jake Locker in person?

  • torpedoman

    NOBS…Did you watch Jesse in HS? Couldn’t win the big game! Continuously made mulitple bonehead plays at crucial times. Loved to throw to the opposition, seems to me to be missing that significant tool between his ears. Could just be my recollection of seeing him blow it multiple times, including, not only CIF games, but most unfortunately that UA All star game. Hell, I’m hoping for the goods from him but I really think that he’ll become just a project or scout teamer here.
    BTW…I think that Big Max Wittek went up to UDub to get a recruits field pass so that he could sneak up and go kick that ugly s#^] eating dog in the ribs and feed it some Bakers chocolate! LOL…
    Fight On

  • gotroy22

    What about sightings of Wittek at the Saturday scrimmage at SC?