The Oracle

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. on the Seahawks draft:
“I think what Pete Carroll did was he went with familiarity. He got guys that he recruited or coached against or he coached at USC when he get Anthony McCoy, he got LenDale White, several Pac-10 players. I thought he did a real good job overall of getting what he needed at a variety of positions and adding a couple veteran backs as well.”

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Surgery For Johnson

Wide receiver Ronald Johnson said he will definitely have surgery on his wrist. He said the surgery’s been pushed back until USC completes finals. Johnson practiced Thursday but wore a yellow jersey, meaning no contact was allowed. He will not play in Saturday’s scrimmage.

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Hope For Campbell?

Lane Kiffin sounded less certain about the status of linebacker Jordan Campbell, who is currently suspended.
“We’re still looking into the incident,” Kiffin said. “We’re told he didn’t do anything.”
Kiffin did not say what the alleged incident was.

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Fall Battle

Because special teams coach John Baxter does not believe in kicking during spring pratice, one under-the-radar training camp battle will be who replaces holder Garrett Green? Quarterback Mitch Mustain and wide receiver Robbie Boyer are among the candidates.

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More Baxter

Here’s running backs coach Todd McNair on Dillon Baxter:
“The game is slow for him. He sees stuff coming. He sets guys up before he gets the ball.”

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Advantage Baxter

Tailback Dillon Baxter on the value of graduating high school early and playing in spring practice.
“If I had come in the fall, I’d be way lost. I’ve kind of put myself in the program and the coaches know me,” he said.

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Emmert On Playoff

New NCAA president Mark Emmert spoke to Seattle radio station KJR about a college football playoff:
“The football playoff system is a creature of the university presidents that are out there – and that’s rightly so and that’s the way it remains. The NCAA, with me as president, my position will be to work with those presidents in any way that is useful to them. It’s not a topic that the NCAA is going to be driving.
“At the end of the day, it’s not for me to decide. It’s going to be up to the presidents. The role of the NCAA is to both be a leader and a servant.”

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More Caesar On Tate

Pete Carroll talked to Colin Cowherd about why he selected Golden Tate:
“What I like about him is the guy’s a baller. We played against him, we saw him on all of his films for years, he just was a special football player on the field.
“He does not fit some of the profiles that you look for in a wide receiver. You’re looking for tall, lanky guys, or the speed burner if he’s a smaller guy. He’s got terrific speed, but he has way better play making ability than a lot of guys on the board.
“And he came through, he’s tough, he can return the ball, he ran out of the backfield, he ran the Wild Cat, all of those things combined make him a valuable player.
“Our really good players (at USC) were really battling just to keep him under wraps, and we weren’t able to do it all the time.”

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