• USCfan

    give it till the start of summer camp and everyone should be 100% on both sides of the ball. depth will be filled.

  • 51Grad

    I guess that PC recruited too many running backs. Apparently all skill and not much muscle.

  • Eric Cantona

    Abe Markowitz as backup center?
    Oy vey!

  • NOBS

    la la crappy said the same thing after peeping through the window of the boy’s shower room.

  • paulm

    But he did attend a lot of charities and got his name spelled right

  • El Capitn

    If you fight as good as you cowardly run your effing mouth you behind a keyboard will make prime time money fighting in Las Vegas that is if your soft precious mouth can handle a few punches. Mayweather is looking for a tough guy like you. It is what it is hot dog boy! I’m just saying…

  • torpedoman

    NOBS, actually what la la crappy is saying, in his brokkun engrish is “hot dog buy?”…I think that he probably sells hot dogs at the boxing matches.
    Fight On

  • Blue Bruin

    I guarantee that if he spent time coaching UCLA’s offensive line he’d feel much better about USC’s!

  • El Capitn

    Torpeda b*tc#:
    Your bedtime lover is like you a coward behind the keyboard. Neither one of you effing rednecks can’t throw punches except behind a keyboard. Your darling mouths can’t handle any punches…
    ALL mouths…

  • NOBS

    la la crappy, I’ve asked you more than once to meet me. You are a chicken sh*t burrito. Torpedo, don’t worry, she, I mean he?, is a pu$$y. la la, leave your email or phone or meeting place. waaaah waaah waaaah

  • NOBS

    Torpedo, OMG, I know who la la crappy is: “get your souviner hot dooog” Sweet.