Answer Friday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a question about Max Wittek’s quick trip to Washington.

How many practice days are the Trojans allowed in the Fall, before the Hawaii game? Thank you.

A: You are allowed 29 practices before the first game.

Q: mb74heisman said:
Have you ever considered banning people like Charlie Bucket/ Count Smackula etc. who just come here to hate on SC and instigate the actual SC fans? If not, please consider.

A: I don’t really read comments but people do get banned for offensive comments or profanity.

Scott, if Max Wittek is a firm commitment for us, why would he go to Seattle to watch the Washington scrimmage at, I guess, his own expense [parents]? Maybe he isn’t that firm? Thanx.

A: I heard he went to watch his friend, Nick Montana.

Q: USC’87 said:
Did you ever come across Robert Kardashian at a USC football practice or event?

A: No, I didn’t. He really wasn’t around USC football and when I met O.J. Simpson at the 2003 Orange Bowl, they were estranged.

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  • JAM

    Not to mention Robert Kardashian was fighting esophageal cancer which he later succumbed to that same year.

  • charlie bucket

    I will never be banned. Scott loves me and I love scott. And I mean I really love scott. He keeps on scoopin. I just wish he would scoop on me….mmmmmm.
    Auuuuuuuuuu woooooooooo!!!

  • Charlie Bucket

    MB7: in your face! trying to get the beloved ChuckerBucker banned! for shame! all i do is raise compelling issues in a witty and charming way and this is the thanks i get. i am considering leaving the blog forever after this treachery….ok i considered it, and rejected the idea.

    Southern Cal needs me more than ever and when the NCAA sanctions come down so hard like it raining hammers, i will be here to help. i am a helper.