Answer Friday! (Part 3)

A question about James Boyd in this segment.

Q: 29th Street said:
We all know about the Ed Orgeron appearance in The Blind Side, but what about Lily Collins, AKA “Daughter of Phil Collins”? She not only played Sandra Bullock’s daughter in the movie but goes to USC at this exact moment in time. Should there not be more Lily Collins on this blog?

A: I did not know Lily Collins attended USC but I’m open to more coverage. Here’s a picture with her famous father, for those who did not know.


Q: Is it just me or did Steve Sample’s hair get darker each year? Didn’t he have gray hair a decade ago?

A: It’s not you. He discovered the fountain of youth, at least in hair color, in his final years as USC president.

Q: Peter Parker said:

How has been James Boyd’s development as a quarterback so far and do you see him getting more reps?

A: He actually made some strides and I thought made a nice TD pass in the spring game at the Coliseum. The problem is that Jessie Scroggins arrives in the fall and that will limit his reps with four quarterbacks. So Boyd might need to play exclusively with the scout team to get enough work to become comfortable as a quarterback again.

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  • Chitown Trojan

    Does Lily Collins have a really cool English accent?

  • Sharkeez Happy Hour

    She’s really hot. How could someone like Phil be her father?

  • TrojaninDC

    I am guessing Lily’s mother is/was really, really hot which more than cancels out Phil’s weird look.

  • Harpoon Harry

    I think I may finally have to see “The Blind Side” now!

  • Brad’03

    Damn! Good job, Phil.

    Fight On, Lily!

  • USC’87

    This is the first time I have liked something Phil Collins has produced.