Answer Friday! (Part 4)

In this segment, a question on who I would hire as football coach.

Q: Rex Griswald said:
Any word on the Wear brothers now that they have announced they will not return to UNC? Any chance for USC to get them to transfer in? We could use the size down low.

A: I know UCLA is in the picture. They are considering USC and I know USC is interested. But does USC have two scholarships to give out?

Q: Pop Goes The Weasel said:
Scott, this is nothing against James Boyd, but at his weight and speed, it would seem the only two positions he could play are DE or TE. Do you see him getting any quality time at SC, and, if so, at what position?

A: I see him as a reserve. If he played, most likely at TE but three freshmen arrive in the fall, so that might not be possible.

Q: If you were the athletic director at Troy, or a fan, who would you rather see as our coach, PC or Lane?
I know it’s way too early to be accurate, but I mean as of now, based on their mannerisms, the way they hold practices, etc. Thanx, Scott, for taking a hardball question.

A: It would be foolish to pick someone over Pete Carroll given his record for success. Now as athletic director I might try to influence who he hired as assistant coaches or limit distractions or outside interests. But he did win 11 or more games for 7 straight years, which has never been done, so it’s hard to argue even with last year’s four-loss season.
That doesn’t mean Kiffin isn’t doing a good job. But even he admits he aspires to continues Carroll’s legacy of winning. I like Kiffin’s analytical skills and business-like manner. But Carroll was a special coach, even with his flaws.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    “James Boyd play DE or TE”
    I’m confused, wolf answers a question about his QB play, and then the next question he says he may play TE?
    I will say this is a good example of how the recruiting ratings can get it wrong. How can a 4 star recruit have no real position to play?

  • Blue Bruin

    If the Wears want to go to Trojanville, then scholarships will be found. I will repeat this until I run out of breath or my fingers fall off from typing: If you have a chance at landing “twin” towers, you’ll find spots for them.

    Now, speaking of finding spots, on the UCLA side we’ve been hypercritcal of Howland for “losing” guys like Moser and Morgan this offsean. Well, is it that much of a stretch to think Howland was making room for the Wears’ arrival?

    Debate amongst yourselves!

  • USC_Fire

    I 100% agree with blue bruin! “Howland was making room for the Wears’ arrival.”
    Now because Moser and Morgan were forced out like you claim (instead of wanting out of Howland’s oppressive program) before the Wears’ even asked for their release; then UNC should file tampering charges. Howland must be following Wooden and trying to cheat now so he can win. Typical cheating baby blue.

  • spedjones

    So, if Brian Cushing really was on roids as EVERYONE but blind Trogans suspected, what does that do to SC’s reputation?

  • torpedoman

    So spud..was chas bucket really packing your roids, as EVERyONE but blind bRUINS suspected, what does that do to ACLU’s reputation? http://keep.pounding.your pud/ called/by/neuheisel

  • Edward

    “hard to argue”? Impossible to argue!

  • Free_Thinker

    The writer asked who Wolf would prefer to see as a coach, not whom you would hire. This one should have been deferred based on the fact that a sportswriter at a small local newspaper has no experience on what it takes to hire a coach or serve as an A.D. at a major university.

  • Tyler

    When did this blog become a UCLA basketball forum. No one here wants to debate the state of your sorry program…move on.