• BBPeps13

    It has been stated by the coaches, pre-Tupou injury, that the D-Line had the potential to be one of the best in the country. And it seems that the D-Line is one of the few positions we have good depth, but starters are named starters for a reason, so how much impact to the D-Line will losing Tupou for the year make?

  • charlie bucket

    Scott. Please allow me a moment to thank you for all that you do. Your hard work and great information may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you speak the truth and don’t try to polish everything. I appreciate you.
    I was wondering how you think the Bruins new offense will work out this year? Thank you so much for everything šŸ˜‰

  • JamesUSC99

    Can you honestly say you were shocked that Brian Cushing was busted for use of steroids/illegal performance enhancing substances? Come on, this is one thing that has plagues him since he was in high school, throughout college and beyond. There have even been websites dedicated to Cushing’s alleged use of steroids, so can you say this really came as a surprise to you?

  • East Coast Trojan

    When there are “random” steroid tests of USC football players, either by the athletic department or by the USC:

    1) Are the players informed in advance about these tests? If so, how far in advance?
    2) How many players usually get tested?
    3) How is it decided which players are to be tested?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, how does the college drug testing policy compare to the NFL drug testing policy? Is one test more meticulous or are they the same? Thank you in advance.

  • Harpoon Harry

    John Robinson was often criticized for what many people believed to be running a “loose ship” during his second tenure as USC coach. Pete Carroll was also heavily criticized for having a very casual atmosphere for the football program with many players getting in trouble with the law. So the question is, based on observing both coaches, who ran the looser ship?

  • Any chance of moving a tight end to tackle in order to shore up the OL? It worked well with Charles Brown, who was a tight end when he first arrived at SC. Or, is it to late to move Derek Simmons to OG?

  • Sharkeez Happy Hour

    Has Ed Orgeron done his trademark routine yet of ripping off his shirt then getting the football players to follow his lead while they all start jumping up and down naked as a group?

  • charlee bucket

    Why do you think so many receivers have had difficulty living up to their recruiting hype?

  • USCfan

    This past season it seems that Pete Carroll had alot of influence on the offense, because of that it also seems that translated to a mediocre offense. Do you think from 2006-2008 he also had more influence on the offense ever before? Before 2005 it was basically Chow’s offense. Do you think if Pete would have trusted the OCs the offense would have had more success, including last years team? Since he had influence on the offense, should we expect more improvement and maybe see a Norm Chow offense that was ran? Thanks for the forum Scott!

  • sdog

    How does Dillon Baxter compare to Reggie when he first arrived at SC? Did you perceive Reggie had something special during his initial workouts?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Why was Ken Norton such a prick to deal with and did you tire of PC’s ” win forever, win blah blah ” spiel?

  • Trojan Conquest

    I know it’s early, but what would you say (if any) that is an improvement with Kiffin over Carroll so far? Discipline? Bringing in better assistants? Anything else?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, Norm Chow made a remark a few weeks back in effect saying, if the offense (UCLA) doesn’t improve, you will not be talking to us this time next year… is that for his benefit of leaving or is he saying the coaching staff will be gone?

  • TrojaninDC

    In press conferences, news articles, etc., I have seen Monte Kiffin and Layla Kiffin but never a word, sighting, or mention of Lane Kiffin’s mother. So is she still married to Monte or is she dead? What is the deal with Mama Kiffin?

  • Hard Way

    If Lane Kiffin were one of the Girls Aloud, which one would he be, and why?

  • sonicboom926


    Why do you think this site is filled with USC haters who feel the need to make derogatory comments after each post? People like Charlie Bucket and spedjones consistantly post on here and I can’t figure out why. I have never been on another team’s message board and would never care to. Is this another case of USC envy?



  • LanceKiffin

    Did Coach Kiffin have any comment regarding the Raiders releasing JaMarcus Russell?

  • Rex Griswald

    Can you give any background on why KO did not want to take Polee Jr.? Why did Polee Sr. leave this year?

    Any insight would be much appreciated.


    How many linebackers and offensive linemen will USC recruit this year? Can you name some some targets.

  • JAG

    Massachusetts recently signed into law a measure designed to crack down on cyber bullying. From an article about the bill: “The law prohibits any actions that could cause emotional or physical harm to students, including text messages and taunting over the Internet.”


    While a Massachusetts law probably doesn’t have jurisdiction over a California journalist who repititively ridicules a Delaware a middle schooler, it raises some ethical concerns. Many people would consider your designation of David Sills as “Baby QB” to be insulting, an abuse of power, and maybe even bullying. And, as recently as last week (5/2), you had back to back blog entries implying that Sills might be “offended” if USC signed any other QBs. Did you have a source for this, or did you just make it up to get a few laughs? Believe it or not, they have internet in Delaware, and it is likely that Sill’s friends, family, teammates, and competitors have access to your sarcastic wit.

    I have never seen you assign a derogatory moniker to a USC player or question whether a player would be offended to compete. So why do it to Sills? If your real beef is with Clarkson of Kiffin, it’s irresponsible to exploit Sills? Rank 1-4 Euros:

    You didn’t know they had internet in Delaware
    The kid deserves to be called “Baby QB”
    It’s funny, so it’s OK
    You don’t give a rat’s rump about Sills
    Other. Explain.

    Sills is a person and a competitor. If you can’t take him seriously, perhaps the most responsible action would be to say nothing. Just a suggestion.

  • scinsc5

    USC is tied for #4 favorite (with Florida) to win BSC championship according to Bodog.com, but USC is only #15 pre-season ranking. Can you offer a reason why such a difference?

  • tom_floyd

    The annual USC Coaches Tour is coming up. Rah-rah Caesar would have the rich alums eating out of his hands at this event. How do you think it will differ now that Lane (and KO) will be in the spotlight?


    Isn’t it time for your vacation and where are you going?

  • USCHusker

    Hey Wolf, I enjoy reading your blog.

    What game on this year’s schedule do you think is most likely to be a loss?

  • Trojan in Redondo

    Is the new women’s beach volleyball team that USC is adding as an NCAA sport going to consist of current members of the indoor vollyball team or will it be a completely different set of scholarship players?

  • Charlie Bucket

    wolf, with all this controversy about nicknames, i was wondering which nickname you prefer:

    A) “Scoopin’ Scotty” Wolf
    B) the Sultan of Scoop
    C) Brutus (to Petey’s Caesar)
    D) the Scourge of the Internet


    (the real) Charlie Bucket

  • Charlie_Bucket


    Thanks for your terrific blog. Keep up the great work!

    I was wondering about the Wear Twins. If they end up at UCLA, will my Bruins win the Pac 10 next year and regain their rightful throne?


    (the real) Charlie Bucket

  • NJ Trojan

    The way I see it, WLB Smith is the only LB that seems assured of a starting position at Hawaii. I recall reading that Stanley was told he was being brought in to play SAM. Do you think Kiffin is hoping that the JC transfer, 235-pound Stanley can start at SAM so he can keep Kennard and Galippo at MIKE, with Galippo playing in probable passing situations, and what do you think of Stanley’s ability to start this fall?

  • The Coach

    Pete Carroll has played favorites with many players over the years example last year Joe McKnight, Matt Barkley, and Taylor Mays. He favors some players and gives them playing time for no reason. What is the worst case of Pete Carroll playing favorites with a player in his time at USC?

  • Trojans Rule

    Recently Lane took the numbers away from a couple kids because of their non-performance. You commented that some other players, along with the two involved, were also upset because they felt the players were “disrespected”. Do you feel that Lane made a mistake here, or do you feel that the players are behaving like spoiled brats? Thank you for telling us how you personally see this incident.

  • bsingleton

    There was a lot of talk in 2009 that Taylor Mays would choose not to declare for the NFL draft as his roommate at the time was Brian Cushing and there would be a “guilt by association” scenario for Mays, so it would be better for both parties if Mays left in 2010 instead. If you are able to publicly comment, what can you share about this?

  • Pop Goes The Weasel

    Scott,I remember when James Boyd was being recruited. All of the scouting services I looked at had him listed as a four star QB/ATH. Also, they all had him listed at 220lbs. with a 40 yard dash speed of 5.1 or 5.2. The kid wanted to play QB, but it seems everyone wanted him as an athlete [I am aware of the dumb joke by Sark] Also his height was listed at 6 feet 4 inches. I thought to myself what position could he play at Troy with that kind of weight and speed. The only possibilities I saw, and both were longshots, were TE, if he bulked up, ran great routes, and had great hands, or DE, if he developed fantastic moves. I thought he would be better off playing QB at a smaller school, if that were the only offer he could get. If this were so easy for me to see, and I am certainly no expert evaluator, would this be an example of poor selection by PC, or am I missing something here? Thank you.

  • “Count” Smackula

    With the real Bucket now banned with all the weirdo “phony buckets” what am I supposed to do? This blog is my life and if Bucket is gone, then it won’t be the same. I may have to get a job, move out of my mothers basement, lose weight, get Lasik surgery (I wear coke-bottle glasses), find a girlfriend (never had one), and see a dermatologist (acne problem).

    Say it ain’t so Wolf, I can’t……(snortle)


  • gotroy22

    Is there any fall out or reaction from SC administrators for Brian Cushing’s positive test for a steroid masking agent?


    Scott, you said it was too late for Bradford to be switched to LB. I know he doesn’t want to switch, but, in my opinion, if he has a future in pro ball, he would have to improve and be a lot more consistent as a running back, whereas he might well have a good shot as a LB. I may well be wrong, but for the sake of argument, lets just suppose I am right. If the kid could be convinved of that, why would it be too late to move him now, at once, because look at the instant impact Kennard was able to make? Thanx a lot for your thoughts here. PS I will grant that he might be a little raw as a LB for pro ball after next season, but a year on the taxi squad, if necessary, easily fixes that.

  • superlaker24

    Do you think Lane Kiffin will leave USC for another non-NFL job and be a head coach at another school?

  • TrojanChamp

    Was assistant coach John Morton, a former assistant of Jim Harbough at University of San Diego, the unnamed source that Jim Harbough cited on the USC coaching staff in 2007 that Pete Carroll would leave after that season for the NFL? Also, did Pete Carroll know Morton was the spy for Harbough?


    I’ve heard it said that by this time next month, the Trojans will have a pretty good idea [about roughly 70-80 percent] of which kids will be constituting the recruiting class of 2/11. Is that about right, Scott, based on your experience? Thank you much.

  • Peter Parker

    Lane Kiffin does not want a stable of running backs, we know Allen Bradord will be the power back, Dillon Baxter will be the speed back, what role will C.J. Gable play?

  • Harry Bawles

    After taking my medicinal marijuana, I had a brilliant idea that I thought I would run past you to get your opinion on it.
    Why don’t the Trojans recruit some 18-20 years old, 450-600 pounds, sumo wrestlers from Japan? Granted, we lose mobility, but I’m thinking we could line up one at nose guard, and one at defensive tackle, which would certainly plug up the middle. I can even visualize opportunities on the OL as well, if we change our blocking patterns.
    If you like my idea, feel free to pass it on to Lane and take the credit. So, what do you think of the idea, pros and cons, etc.? Thanx in advance as always.

  • Champion

    Why do you think USC offered Cody Kessler a scholarship with already a commitment from Max Wittek fro the 2011 class? Does USC think thinks Jesse Scroggins, James Boyd are not good quarterbacks to start or do coaches think Matt Wittek is not a solid commit to USC?