`Ridiculous Talent’

Washington’s sent out a post card with Jake Locker’s picture and the quote, “Ridiculous talent,” from Pete Carroll.
So why did Steve Sarkisian tell James Boyd he would play him at QB and Locker could move to LB when he was recruiting Boyd during his senior year at Los Angeles Jordan?

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  • Trojan Conquest

    Because coaches will say anything to get a player.

  • Tyler

    I think it’s funny that all these coaches are building their program’s on the back of USCs. Talk about riding coattails…

    First Harbaugh and his stupid “what’s your deal” ticket package now this?

  • USC Anteater

    …or “the football monopoly is over.” Hopefully “what’s your deal” and “ridiculous talent” will also go the way of that unfortunate campaign.

  • Hey USC Anteater, what is it about “the football monopoly is over” that you don’t understand? do you think RN was implying that he was going to inherit a skeleton team and go 12-0 in his first year? In RN’s first year his recruiting class was #5 to USC’s #8 according to scout.com and in his second year his class was #8…that should tell you the “monopoly” is over! doesn’t “monopoly” mean you’re the only game in town? well, according to what I just pointed out to you, it IS OVER now that UCLA is equal in attracting the talent. UCLA will have a better record than USC this year and in 2011 UCLA will be among one of the elite teams in the country.


    (uclGAY BoB…)

    Sheuuuutp! its the same thing your coach said.
    can you say… following the leader.
    Those rankings are meaningless unless your able to produce those amazing highschool players.The recruiting isnt showing up on paper.Way to beat us once in the last decade.GO to your own site.

    FIGHT ON!!!!


    I thought the term “monopoly” was used when one team dominates another team.

    Silly me.

  • uscmike


    Your argument is tantamount to “The Monopoly will be over someday…maybe.”

    LJ is right. USC is 10-1 against UCLA since 1999. The Monopoly is continuing. USC is Park Place. UCLA is Baltic Avenue.

  • Free_Thinker

    UCLA indeed has a monopoly… on 8th place.

  • Gnossos

    Rob, please give me the address of your dealer, I want some of what you are smoking!