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I generally found the HBO feature on Lane Kiffin to be underwhelming, but one of Kiffin’s quotes did interest me: “A coach one time, I walked into his office and he was checking the stock market on his computer. It blew me away.”
That was a not-so-subtle reference to former offensive coordinator Norm Chow. An ironic reference because Chow was known at USC for the long hours he kept. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to check the stock market once a day considering USC’s record when Chow called plays.

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  • Cheatthesystem

    Way to sell out your idol, Scott!

    Maybe the statement was intended to reinforce the fact that some things should be done at home….

    You criticize PC for twitter and other distractions, maybe Norm Chow should have been focused on his job while he was at work…

  • codeater

    I watched and actually thought he said that it was PC checking the stocks. I could be mistaken though.

  • lbc trojan

    What about USC’s regular season record of 12-0 when Lane Kiffin called plays in 2005?

  • USC’89

    In the Q&A Gumby does with all the reporters after the piece airs (AK in this case), he asked the Leemer if Kiff was USCs first choice. AKs answer was essentially MG hired LK out of desperation.

  • Trojan_SF

    “Maybe it’s not a bad idea to check the stock market once a day considering USC’s record when Chow called plays.”

    What? Total non-sequitur.


    That was such a fluff piece. Why wasn’t there a mention of Ed O calling recruits with a Tenn phone while Lane Kiffin talk to his team of 14 months?

  • NOBS

    I doubt “what’s ur deal” know what a “fluff piece” is.

    Kiffin has not lost a game yet. If he stinks, we’ll let him know it. If not, sorry for SW. What Ed O did at Tenn has nothing to do with SC.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza


    Could you please use even more nicknames in your comments? I think I still managed to decipher that one. Perhaps if you substituted more colorful nicknames for Kiff/LK and MG, such as “Tighten Up” and “Purse Strings”?

  • NOBS

    Sure thing Dbag aka USC’89