Answer Thursday! (Part 2)

In this segment, Pac-10 expansion is one of the topics.

Q: Trojan Conquest said:
With the Big 10 very close to expansion in a big way with something like 16 teams, How do you see the Pac 10 responding? I always thought that Colorado and Texas were very unlikely, but now it looks like the Big 12 is in trouble. Or why not add 6 and match the Big 10 expansion plans?

A: I think the Pac-10 is more likely to add Colorado or a Texas school than Utah or BYU. Let’s say Texas and Nebraska go to the Big Ten. I could see the Pac-10 immediately adding Colorado and maybe a Texas A&M or Oklahoma (whoever doesn’t end up in the Big Ten). It might make travel a bear but the potential revenue increases would be too much to pass up, along with the realization that something bold needs to be done to counter the Big Ten’s move.

In the past FOUR seasons..Have you witnessed any teamate rivalry or problems amongst teamates on or off the field? Of course everyone at SC is always fighting for a spot but Has there been any true turmoil like bush vs white or any fights?

A: There are always problems when you have 85 guys. There was an incident when a walk-on punched David Buehler in a running backs meeting but that situation did not linger. When Everson Griffen was a freshman, Kyle Moore and other defensive players resented him because he was arrogant and there were clashes during training camp. When Mark Sanchez was a freshman, Matt Leinart led a hazing ritual where Sanchez’s head was shaved. After that incident, Pete Carroll banned hazing.

2 thoughts on “Answer Thursday! (Part 2)

  1. I’ve heard rumors that one sticking point for Notre Dame joining the Big Televen is that they aren’t members of the Association of American Universities like the current members of the conference. Grabbing Iowa State, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas–all AAU members–makes sense to the conference in that regard.

    The Pac-10 has a similar standard, with 7 of 10 being AAU schools (the “State” schools–ASU, OSU and WSU–being the exceptions), so they are more likely to target AAU members like Colorado, Kansas, Texas A&M or even Rice, in my opinion, than going after non-AAU institutions like BYU and Utah.

  2. Pac 16
    Pac as in Pack of schools, not Pacific
    Add Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Utah
    Have 2 divisions that rotate teams every year, with rivals always in different division. Rivals play every year. USC/UCLA will always be in different division, but will always play. Play seven division foes and rival every year.
    Div A
    USC, Texas A&M, Oklahoma St, Cal, Oregon, Wash, Colorado
    Div B
    UCLA, Texas, Oklahoma, Stanford, Oregon St, Wash St, Utah
    Next year move teams around. This way the Northwestern schools would always play a team from Southern California and a team from Texas to help with recruiting these areas. Maybe make Texas and Oklahoma the “rivals” and have Texas A&M with Ok St, or have Texas Tech instead of OK State in the Pac.

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