Morning Buzz

Crenshaw’s De’Anthony Thomas committed to USC on Wednesday, the Trojans’ fifth commitment of the recruiting season. Here’s the current list of commitments:

Victor Blackwell WR Mater Dei 6-1 186
Jalen Grimble DE Las Vegas Bishop Gorman 6-4 255
De’Anthony Thomas RB Los Angeles, Crenshaw 5-9 160
Max Wittek QB Mater Dei 6-4 215
Antwaun Woods DT Woodland HillsTaft 6-1 322

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    We already have the ball rolling.Lets just hope for a couple of o-ineman,linebackers like JASON GIBSON.BUT we MUST lock down VEI MOALA!!!

  • LanceKiffin

    Oh so sugar sweet!!

    Keep on Scooping, Coach Kiffin!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    well, it’s clear with the HBO story about Kiff’s huge salary (notwithstanding the losing record) is a clear indication to recruits that the money is still flowing at Southern Cal. i do have several questions:

    1) will he be requiring a car?
    a)if so, what model? Impala? Range Rover? Maybach?

    2) are his family’s present accomodations satisfactory?

    3) how on Earth does the Wolfman provide such SWEEEEEET SCOOOOPS????


  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    FLASH!!! Southern Cal sanctions to be announced today!!

    (this was only a drill)

    how would you like to be known as the kid who committed on the very day the school got the NCAA Death Penalty?

    i thought people jumped OFF sinking ships?? well the lure of a bigger payday has ofter led people to take crazy coo-coo chances. i’ve seen it a hendred times…

  • Yoda

    Jedi Bucket is back i see hmmm?

    The Force is strong with Bucket, i sense.

    also returned, his youngling followers have.

    patient, Jedi Bucket is with them.

    herh herh herh.

    imitate Bucket they cannot (sigh).

    pitiful, they appear.

    meditate on this, i will.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Yes, the “person who has no life” is back.
    reference…..Southpark World of Warcaft


    Great pickup for the trOJies!

    Wonder if SC told him he’d be the next Reggie Bush instead of telling him the truth that his body isn’t built for a RB at the Div I and NFL level. Also have to wonder what the NCAA verdict will have on him. If, I repeat IF, UCLA beats USC this year and Kiffin continues to not impress people with his win-loss record then the kid could still flip.

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    Black Mamba? Who needs em’. I got my eyes on a great punter. After all, punting is winning.

  • Jon

    “continues to not impress people with his win-loss record”

    That’s a Neuheisel issue as well. It’ll be an interesting year for college football in LA. A new head coach at one school, and a guy running out of time to deliver at the other.