What’s The Future?

Despite a 37-59 record in the Pac-10, there is actually conflicting feelings within the athletic dept. on whether baseball coach Chad Kreuter will return next season. Some people believe he actually might return next year.

15 thoughts on “What’s The Future?

  1. I think anyone in the athletic department who feels conflicted should leave right along with Kreuter. I’m all for giving guys a chance and seeing what they can do. Kreuter took a team from mediocrity to the crapper.

    Is Batesole at Fresno St the answer?

  2. I’m not saying SC will ever be able to be a top program again with the limited number of scholarships. 1/2 of a scholarship at SC still means you’ve got to come up with a big bundle of cash to attend SC, as opposed to a Long Beach, Fullerton, ASU, or ucla. But SC could do much better than what they’ve done with Kreuter. Recruit smart players and give them academic scholarships. Recruit players from wealthy families. Anything is better than what they’re doing.

  3. The big laugh is who is in the athletic dept. with any knowledge of baseball or hiring coaches. They only hired one which was Kreuter and that has worked out splendid. Dr. Daryl Gross promoted the coaches selected when he was in the dept. under Garrett. It is all about saving a dollar if a bad contract extension was made before this season they will try to save face and ride out one more year to not pay two people for the same position.

  4. Fire Chad. Hire Savage or Mike G.(back) or a great JC coach who can analyze talent and knows how to deal with the budget restraints. In other words, another Ron Allice.

  5. NIBS – thought you didn’t care about baseball. $UC is the fat chick at a dance waiting to get a partner.

  6. If and it’s a big “IF”, Mike G would step up with some real “American cash $$$$$$”, the idea guy would be Dan McDonnell from of UofLouisville. In three short years, he has taken a nothing program and delivered a 135 – 63 record, with a 3 regional trips and 1 CWS trip (in his first year at the helm). The problem is that AD Tom “Turtleneck” Jurich has some hefty fatt-back boosters here in “Loserville”, plus a premium facility in Jim Patterson stadium. So prying a guy like McDonnell away would be very to do. Until Uncle Mike gets some of the LA-LA Land cash cows (calling Dr. Buss) to upgrade Dedeaux Field (and I mean real upgrades), and some good hard cash dollars to bring in a real skipper, the job is not going to get done on the Trojan diamond. So Wolfeee could be right, Chad may be back in 2011. Fight On!

  7. I disagree with the high cost of tuition explanation for why USC baseball is not currently competitive. Stanford has a powerhouse program that does well in the off season every year. So does Miami, and Rice. Federal and state financial aid also brings some parity to the table. Coaching, recruiting ability, recent success (especially in helping players to make the jump to MLB), and quality of facilities determines success in this sport. That probably holds true for the other big two sports as well.

  8. One of the issues affecting Baseball in college is the draft…MLB drafts most of the players who also receive Scholie offers…USC recruits and gets commits from many of the players who get drafted in the top 10-20 rounds…

    Now, you’re 17-18 years old, you can go to USC and take out loans and maybe get draftedin 3-4 years…or you can go to the bigs (minor leagues) get 3 years of school paid for, receive a $100K or more signing bonus and play baseball for your job…what would you do?

    USC needs to go out and find diamonds in the rough and then develop them. Where are the Kracyzks (sp?) the Ethertons? It sounds like Starling is a player…who else on this team is any good…the coach’s son seems to need some development…that’s what coaches are supposed to do…I like CK, but I think his time has come and gone. We should look for someone who is young, energetic and has shown the ability to win with less talent…perhaps a HS coach?

    I live in the AV and there are a couple of guys out here who could be good: Aaron Kavanagh at Quartz Hill, Lance Pierson at Paraclete…the coaches at Notre Dame/SO, Chatsworth, Birmingham, Royal, Saugus, Valencia, etc…Southern California is a literal meat market of relatively unknown coaching talent.

  9. T5, keep your hands to yourself. You know what I’m talking about. KP is spot on. No Bruin NC, don’t worry, your wife will get a dance partner, eventually.

  10. What you talkin’ about NOBS? Curious as to who you are in Trojan land or maybe a closet bruin. Looks like you have attached yourself to my posts which is an honor in itself. Present some real facts to support your take on the situation at hand being the insider that you claim.

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