Answer Monday!

Recruiting questions dominate this segment of the Open Forum.

Do you know personally of any OL or LBers out there who might help the Trojans immediately—any names? Thank you, Scott.

A: If you mean someone who could join the team this summer and play in the fall, no. I know the coaches are checking with junior colleges, especially to see if there are any unsigned offensive linemen that might help. But generally, it’s very difficult to find someone at this time of the year.

Q: TROJANS32 said:
Scott, do you know about how many silent commits/strong leans the Trojans have now, and how many in this group are of the linemen/linebacker type?
Sincere thanks, and thanks for the forums too.

A: I know of one silent commit at the moment. There are a few strong leans and then there is another group that I rarely discuss. These are recruits who would commit in a second if USC offered. I know of one who already committed to another Pac-10 school but would change if USC makes a firm offer. He was talking to the USC coaches this month but USC is still undecided on whether they want him. Among the “strong leans,” there are 3-4 that play the positions you speak of.
I must add that a strong lean is not a commitment and can often change.

Q: Champion said:

Why do you think USC offered Cody Kessler a scholarship with already a commitment from Max Wittek from the 2011 class? Does USC think thinks Jesse Scroggins, James Boyd are not good quarterbacks to start or do coaches think Max Wittek is not a solid commit to USC? Also, is taking two quarterbacks a good thing with more pressing needs elsewhere?

A: USC coach Lane Kiffin realized in spring practice that the QB position lacked depth with the departure of Aaron Corp. USC will have Matt Barkley, Jesse Scroggins and Max Wittek in 2011 but Barkley could turn pro. So that would leave only two quarterbacks. Signing a third is a good insurance policy. Especially someone like Kessler, who is 6-1 and not going to sign with Notre Dame or Florida and might be open to joining Wittek.

Q: Pop Goes The Weasel said:
I heard that FARMER, the WR, is as close to a lock for SC, as a lock can be, and that MOALA is a very strong lean for us because of family ties. I’m not big on family ties as a super-strong indicator, but what are your thoughts on these two guys, Scott? Hey, thanx, sincere thanx, for giving us straight scoop on the blog.

A: George Farmer of Serra High in Gardena is one of the top receivers in the country, so he stands on his own merits and he is expected to sign with USC, although it’s still early.
I know USC likes Viliami Moala but it’s based on his playing ability not any family ties. If Lane Kiffin was big on family ties, he would have kept Westchester defensive tackle Dak Smith, who committed to Pete Carroll but was then dropped by Kiffin.

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