Kiffin On NFL In L.A.

Lane Kiffin was also asked if he did not want the NFL to return to Los Angeles.

“No that’s not true at all. I don’t think that would have any negative effect on us whatsoever – at all. Kids are not going to not come here because the NFL is here. It’s still L.A. It’s still ‘SC. I look at this way; you have all this talk about LeBron. And everyone assumes he’s going to go somewhere he can be marketed – a city that has the ability to market him. Well that’s L.A. That’s why great players have come here in other sports over the years. And that’s why players come here in college. We’re just a quicker version of what you see in the pros.”

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  • Trojan Conquest

    The NFL will never put a team back in LA. The NFL owners love having LA as leverage when negotiating for new stadiums.