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And it’s time for even more questions. One per person please.

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  • JamesUSC99

    Ed Orgeron versus Wayne Rooney in a fight?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, I know it is very early in the process but who are the tentative must have recruits for 2011? Thank you in advance.

  • PoorUSCDad

    What are the chances that Garret will make a change and can the baseball coach? Will enough ever be enough? USC should take a close look at Mike Batesole at Fresno St. Mike worked wonders at CSUN with average talent and he has only improved at Fresno St. Mike is a great coach who really developes players and is able to get the most from them.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Do you think Little Napoleon aka Mike Garrett will FINALLY can Krueter and replace him with someone qualified or will he hand the putz another 1 year contract ?

  • Trojan Conquest

    What would you consider a successful year for Kiffin and SC and a failure? I would say for success would be a minimum of 11-2 and a share of the Pac 10 title with a BCS game. I would say failure would be 9-4 or worst and weak bowl game.

  • lbc trojan

    Your audience doesn’t seem to care about Pete Carroll news. He’s moved on from USC and now resides in Seattle. You don’t report what Steve Sarkisian’s twitter says from day to day, why Pete? I understand he’s a big deal in USC history, but also just that, history.
    We’ve moved on and don’t care about Pete Carroll’s twitter. This is….
    Would you mind giving us more information pertaining to USC, not Pete Carroll?

  • NJ Trojan

    I know Havili is a great ball carrier and receiver out of either the fullback or the H-back position, but how would rate his performace in pass protection and as a lead blocker on running plays?

  • Sharkeez Happy Hour

    Ed Orgeron in a fight with the door bouncer at Nadine’s Irish Mist who will not let him in. Will Coach Orgeron prevail and manage to get inside?

  • sdog

    A number of years ago, USC started a program where ex-football players could return to school and finish their degree. Is that program still in existence and if so, do you know any players who took advantage of this opportunity?

  • Trojan1975

    Scott: There is a wild rumor making the rounds that the reason the NCAA has been so slow in releasing its findings is that it has asked us to come up with sanctions we could live with and they rejected the first iteration. Have you heard anything about this?

  • Cheatthesystem

    How likely is it that USC will go out and hire a relatively unknown coach for the baseball team? Is it even remotely possible that Garrett and Co. would look to the competitive realm of HS Baseball for a replacement to Chad Krueter?

  • TrojanChamp

    John Morton is not a players coach like Ken Norton. He helped push Vidal Hazelton to transfer after the famous argument with Steve Sarkisain at halftime. Was assistant coach John Morton, a former assistant of Jim Harbough at University of San Diego, the unnamed source that Jim Harbough cited on the USC coaching staff in 2007 that Pete Carroll would leave after that season for the NFL? Also, did Pete Carroll assume Morton was the spy for Harbough? Carroll never took Morton and McNair (for the NCAA purposes) to the NFL the only assistant not to go with him to the NFL besides his son and Pat Ruel. Any information about John Morton would be appreciated.

  • scinsc5

    According to the following schools had the following number of football commits for the 2006-2010 recruiting classes: usc(101), florida(120), alabama(135). Do you think usc made significant errors by not getting more players on scholarship during said recruiting classes and do you see the new regime attempting to get more commits per year? (Disclaimer: I assume it’s complicated and I do not know the number of scholarship limitations) Related/optional question, was usc too picky or were they simply unable to get players? It just seems like usc would be so much better right now if they had 20-35 more scholarship players on the current roster.

  • Rex Griswald

    Where is Dak Smith now? Did he end up signing elsewhere? I saw that you mentioned him previously in your answers, but not where he was now playing.

  • dtksr1

    I would like to find a book, or website report or any type of read that shows a coaching staff planning a game plan, the coaches discussing the game plan with the players, coaching them the game plan during the week of practice, then during the game talking to the players during the first half and the halftime adjustments being discussed with the players. That would be a great read at a Division 1 school. Would that be found anywhere?

  • You mentioned a while back that Kiffin might look for a JC linebacker or lineman to bring in this fall. Any word on that subject?

  • USC53


    Thanks for hosting the blog.
    What’s the deal with baseball scholarships? Does SC give out full rides or are they all just partial? What about Long Beach, Irvine, Northridge etc. How many scholarships a year are given out?


    If Pete Carroll was considered cool, enthusiastic, outgoing, charismatic, and high energy. What is Lane Kiffin, please explain.

  • fartnuggets00

    Scott, you previously mentioned that it is difficult for USC to win in baseball because there is a limited number of scholarships that the school can give out and the private school tuition is too high for walk-ons to cover. As such, I was wondering how other private institutions such as Rice, Miami, and Vanderbilt are able to win. Do they have more scholarships to give out? If not, what is the difference that makes them more competitive?

  • torpedoman

    I know of two contributors here that have problems with this site crashing their browsers frequently.

    I use IE-8. I struggle with crashes on this site only quite often.

    Does anyone else have this problem ON THIS WEBSITE ONLY?
    or is it just me and the other person that also has crashing/hangups problems here.

    thanks and Fight On

  • Zumberge Era

    Let’s fast forward to the last week of November. USC is somehow 10-0 and on the verge of securing a BCS berth. The Trojans are playing Notre Dame at the Coliseum with the Irish up 25-20. There is one second left on the clock and USC is 4th and goal on the 1 yard line. All of a sudden, the Fat Booster runs on the field and USC gets a 15 yard penalty. A fight breaks out between the Fat Booster and Ed Orgeron. Who wins and whose side does the USC athletic department take afterwards?

  • NOBS

    Torpedo, yep, only on my Apple.

  • Ryan


    Is USC gets hit with any kind of postseason ban. If you were the head coach would you immediately start red-shirting players including Baxter and Henderson? If the answer is yes would you go as far as red-shirting Matt Barkley?