• USCfan

    i like it!

    texas vs usc

  • NOBS

    How’d my bRuins do in baseball vs Cal St Full of it? Sure we kicked their a$$. Was busy watching SC kill Tenn in tennis. Baseball? bRuins? ROFLMAO

  • Trojan Conquest

    Why do this when the Pac 10 should just raid the Big 12 for 5 or 6 new teams and become the Pac 16.

    New teams: Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas A&M
    Other possibilities, Ok State, Texas Tech, University of Houston, Utah.

  • SC for SC

    BREAKING NEWS: NCAA has decided to let the statute of limitations expire on Bush allegations. NCAA guidelines require that investigations conclude within 4 years. With a “smoking gun” but no conclusive “shooter”, NCAA cannot move foward with sanctions.

  • SC for SC

    Ok, wishfull thinking. But still…this has gone on too long. Drop the other shoe already!

  • Trojan Conquest

    SC for SC……don’t toy with our emotions. They’re a little bit fragile waiting this long.

  • Trojan Conquest is correct. The Pac-10 should just take teams from the Big 12. The Pac-10 needs to grow a pair if it wants to get the respect it deserves!