Answer Thursday!

In this segment, maybe the readers can help answer a question regarding Dak Smith.

Q: Rex Griswald said:
Where is Dak Smith now? Did he end up signing elsewhere? I saw that you mentioned him previously in your answers, but not where he was now playing.

A: I have not seen or heard any college update regarding Smith. Regardless of his ability, I thought it was pretty harsh the way he got dropped after commiting to USC under Pete Carroll.

Q:dtksr1 said:
I would like to find a book, or website report or any type of read that shows a coaching staff planning a game plan, the coaches discussing the game plan with the players, coaching them the game plan during the week of practice, then during the game talking to the players during the first half and the halftime adjustments being discussed with the players. That would be a great read at a Division 1 school. Would that be found anywhere?

A: I haven’t seen anything that replicates what you seek. Here’s a video that offers help with that game plans.

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  • LambdaChiTrojan

    Dak bascially pulled out of being recruited and fell off the face of the HS football earth. His offer (and only one I might add) was a legacy off by PC and staff in hope of him stepping up. The young man did not have passion for football.

  • LambdaChiTrojan

    Fat fingers typo fix… *basically

  • dtksr1

    I have witnessed game plan-follow thru at the High School level having been a volunteer coach for some 10 years, but just seeing it on a college level would be interesting.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I looked this kid up, and he’s huge.