Answer Thursday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a question on baseball scholarships.

Q: sobayquail said:
You mentioned a while back that Lane Kiffin might look for a JC linebacker or lineman to bring in this fall. Any word on that subject?

A: I know there was an effort in May to look around locally but so far, no prospects were found.

Q: USC53 said:

What’s the deal with baseball scholarships? Does SC give out full rides or are they all just partial? What about Long Beach, Irvine, Northridge etc. How many scholarships a year are given out?

A: Every school is allowed 11.2 baseball scholarships. The problem for schools like USC is that a partial scholarship means a player must come up with about $25,000, which is much more than at public schools. You can give a quarter scholarship or a different amount, but the vast majority of USC recruits would consider that insignificant. Schools like UCLA or Cal State Fullerton can give a player nothing more than books and it’s considered something due to the relative prices of tuitiion. USC does give full rides but you have to make sure it’s a player that will pay off.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    So recruit really smart kids who can get an academic scholarship or really rich kids who can afford it. All kidding aside, baseball has become a year round sport for affluent kids whose parents can afford all the club teams, camps, and special instruction.