Answer Thursday! (Part 5)

More fascination with Ed Orgeron in this segment.

QQ: Zumberge Era said:
Let’s fast forward to the last week of November. USC is somehow 10-0 and on the verge of securing a BCS berth. The Trojans are playing Notre Dame at the Coliseum with the Irish up 25-20. There is one second left on the clock and USC is 4th and goal on the 1 yard line. All of a sudden, the Fat Booster runs on the field and USC gets a 15 yard penalty. A fight breaks out between the Fat Booster and Ed Orgeron. Who wins and whose side does the USC athletic department take afterwards?

A: Ed Orgeron wins the fight easily and the Fat Booster gets banned from the sideline. HOWEVER . . . the good-old boys faction of boosters and athletic dept. types (often from the South Bay) makes a concerted but failed effort to restore his status.
The Fat Booster then decides to attend Washington games in a Husky sweatshirt.

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  • bazinga

    That was totally not ridiculous at all.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Ridiculous would have been if the fat booster wore a husky costume on the sideline

  • USC Anteater

    how much does it cost in football donations to BE the Fat Booster? Just wondering.