Answer Thursday! (Part 6)

A good question here about redshirting players if USC gets put on probation.

Q: Ryan said:

Is USC gets hit with any kind of postseason ban. If you were the head coach would you immediately start red-shirting players including Baxter and Henderson? If the answer is yes would you go as far as red-shirting Matt Barkley?

A: The truth is that players will not want to redshirt, no matter what happens with probation. Matt Barkley will not stay an extra year. Seantrel Henderson does not want to stay more than three years. Dillon Baxter does not want to delay his NFL career.
At least with the marquee players, redshirting would not be a realistic option.

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  • spedjones

    stupid question. a single post-season game doesn’t mean jack for guys looking to make a name for scouts.