Answer Thursday! (Part 7)

In this segment a question about Lane Kiffin and Jim Harbaugh.

Q: sweat3030 said:

Know Kevin Ellison after his time at USC do these recent developments shock you? Were there warning signs?

A: Kevin Ellison was a pretty ideal student and player at USC who avoided trouble. The short answer is there were no warning signs. But I’m never shocked when it comes to painkillers and athletes. No one knows the large number of athletes that use painkillers to manage pain.

Q: Peter Parker said:

Do you know of the rumors that Jesse Scroggins may not qualify are true? Does he have a tough challenege to enter? I wish him the best in his education.

A: At this time of year, there are usually about 10-12 recruits with qualifying issues. So there’s too many to focus on one. I usually will mention one or two if they have serious issues, but right now it’s a little early.

Q: superlaker24 said:

Do you think Lane Kiffin will try to defeat Jim Harbaugh in a lopsided win to get revenge for Pete Carroll? Does he he try to run up the score on Jim Harbaugh by going for two?

A: Lane Kiffin’s told me he doesn’t care about that stuff and will only worry about being successful and winning. Translation: I think he will run up the score if given the chance.

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  • NJ Trojan

    Man, I hope the Trojans can spank the Cardinal, and if they can, I hope Kiffin lets ’em.

  • USCfan

    Oh without a doubt Kiffin will!


    revenge is best served as a cold dish

  • paulm

    Harb. and Kif. came into the game with big mouths. Lane may have grown up. Jim backed his, childish or not, and passed PC in 3 years with far few less players.

    As for first upset in 2007 I don’t give Jim that much credit other than making his players belief. Booty threw 4 intercepts in 2nd half when he should have been on bench with MS at helm. Not so much Jim won it, as Pete lost it.

  • Free_Thinker

    My opinion is that Stanford was a flash in the pan. No Toby Gerhardt, no Stanford football. Time will tell.

  • Trojan_SF

    I agree with Free_Thinker.

    Toby Gerhardt made Andrew Luck a very good QB last year. Luck/Owusu are good players, but without Gerhardt, Luck will be under more pressure. But, who would have though that in just a few years, the doormat of college football is now a viable opponent to USC? Love him or hate him, Jim Harbaugh has done a great job at Stanford.

    It makes me wonder what is happening at ucla. Why can’t Neuheisel improve that program with the recruits he is getting? September could decide his fate. Very difficult schedule, and if it goes poorly, he could lose the team and any fan support he has left before mid-October. And with state budget shortfalls, can the UC system pay to get a winning coach?

  • spedjones

    everyone knows Rick has through the 2011 season to prove himself or he’s out.

    I’m surprised the scroggins question isn’t a hotter topic. I understand SEVERAL of SC’s recruits are on the bubble. Scroggins’ troubles explain why Kessler is still on Lame’s radar.

  • Free_Thinker

    Kiffin went to Tennessee and made an impact in one season, he took a moribund team and had them turned in the right direction and ready to be a force in the SEC. Heck, the Kiffin-led Vols came within a hair’s breadth of knocking off the mighty Crimson Tide.

    Neuheisel, and his grossly overrated assistant Norm Chow, have been at UCLA going on three seasons and achieved mediocrity…slipping deftly behind Karl Dorrell overall two-year mark of 12-13.

    UCLA may be tying a new “Pistol” offense this year, but so far the only thing shooting off in Westwood has been Neuheisel’s mouth. In that regard, he and Harbaugh have a lot in common.