Answer Friday!

Back to the questions.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
Since my question was asked one question before me in the open forum, I’ll ask this in son of open forum.

Do you see the coaches going after one or more JC OL this recruiting season since the cupboard was left bare for Hadrian by Caesar.

A: They have tried to find a JC lineman but last I’ve heard, no luck.

Q: The Coach said:

Can you tell and list the jersey numbers that the the recruits will be wearing?

A: I’ve listed the jersey numbers for several freshmen, notably Robert Woods, who will wear 13.Seantrel Henderson is supposed to wear 77. If there is a specific freshman you have in mind, let me know.

What was your final decision regarding Lane Kiffin’s nickname?

A: I’m leaning toward Priam. If anyone has something better, let me know.

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  • torpedoman

    The successor to Ceasar was his nephew Octavian. What’s wrong with that Scott?

  • Trojan Conquest

    pretty obscure.