Answer Friday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a question about recruiting and who is the best coach in college football.

Just take a guess based on what you know. Thomas is small right now, about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches, and around 155-160 lbs. He averaged 11 yards per carry last year, has a 4.5 for the forty, so not a speed merchant, but has great moves, extremely elusive, etc.
He probably won’t grow any taller, but should bulk up some. Is your guess that he makes it as a runner, either at TB or in the slot, or will he play CB? Thanx for your best educated guess.
Trojans Rule said:
I see where Thomas just gained 30 lbs., grew 3 inches, and now runs a 4.4 for the forty! All of this happened since he committed to the Trojans! This is not a question since I just asked above about him. but do you beleive in miracles? Who is a poor fan like me supposed to trust? I give up on the scouting services, especially Scout.

A: I think he is about 5-8 and maybe 160 pounds. I think he is a running back. Curtis McNeal is around 5-5 or 5-6 and plays running back and no one thinks Jacquizz Rodgers is too small. So I think he’ll be able to handle playing running back. He could play corner but I’m always concerned about 5-8 corners, no matter how athletic they are.

Q: Pop Goes The Weasel said:
Scott, lets call Kiff “Victory Lane” until he loses his first game–that will buy us more time.[At least until Sept.] My question is:
Our new LB recruit, Madden, looks to me more like a DB than he does a LB. What are your thoughts here, and what do you think of him? Thank you and thanks for your time.

A: This seems like a little bit of a departure for Lane Kiffin, who seemed to focus on four-and-five star type recruits. Madden looks like a fill-in guy to me and size-wise, either needs to grow or play safety.

Q: Champion said:

Who is the best college football coach right now in college football?

A: I might not want to have lunch with him but the best coach is Florida’s Urban Meyer. He won at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. I think Chris Petersen is close to being one of the best but he needs to leave Boise State if he wants to prove he can leave his comfort zone and still be a dominating coach.

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    Lendale released today.

  • Trojans Rule

    Thank you, Scott, I really appreciate that.