• spedjones

    haha, now Pete’s just straight effing with his former players.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    slow news day…but the sweeeeeet scooops keep ooooooon coming.

    gawd….WHEN are the sanctions going to hit?? now we are headed for June!!! ARRRGHHHH!! i can’t wait any longer!!



    Gawd, it must suck being a trojan fan, one day a trojan getting arrested, the next a trojan getting cut by his own uncle Pete, followed by rumors of a suspension for substance abuse…stay tune for tomorrow, a trojan is bound to do something stupid. LMAO

  • Sam Gilbert

    Somebody start the clock. Let’s see what happens first, LenDale gets another NFL team to sign him or Maurice Jones-Drew learns how to read.

    Actually… it might turn out to be a draw.

  • Free_Thinker

    For a team to be successful, people must be held accountable and Lendale apparently was not willing to commit. Sad for Lendale, but hopefully he gets his life turned around. Simple as that.

  • Hey Sam Gilbert, ever heard Maurice talk? the guys is very articulate, and very smart graduating from DeLasalle, not from Compton H.S…you got the wrong Maurice, you must have been talking about your trojan Maurice Simmons, the one doing time for holding up a liquor store, and that uncle Pete held his scholarship until the minute the Judge sentenced him to 5 years in prison, dummaz.

  • spedjones

    uhhh, hello kettle…you’re black. Love Sam Gilbert.

  • Maze

    SG just got taken to the woodshed! haha

  • spedjones

    I actually think SG meant to query whether Lendale would learn how to read before he’s resigned. That’s all he really could have meant, right?

  • osezno

    UCLA ROB said:

    “the guys is very articulate”


    You are absolutely my favorite baby blue troll.

  • John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High

    Uh oh,

    ARTICULATE ROB has lost his right to make “Trogans” jokes.

    Maybe you should have had the guy who used to do MJD’s homework proofread your post.

  • Sam Gilbert


  • CPEM

    Just can’t stop yourself, eh Rob? Banned on two websites now…