• Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    wolf this is one of your sweeeeetest scoops ever. i’m not sure why, but it just is!

    i can’t bring myself to kick someone who is trying to get up, so good luck Todd with your paintings.

    now…with the recent downturn in candy sales, i find i currently cannot afford to commision a painting from Todd, but if i could commision one, it would be either “wolfie” or “Orenthal” or “Big Mac”.

    Todd, consider it: one rather notorious Southern Cal alum (you) painting others! the press and the public will eat it up!!! remember, in the art world, there is no bad publicity!

  • DixieTrojan

    Hello again Charlie!

    You seem to spend all your time on this site. Maybe this is why your candy sales are down. I’m beginning to suspect that all your candy sales have grinded to a halt completely.

    Maybe you should get into painting like Marinovich is doing now. It might be time better spent. Just a friendly observation.

    Your buddy,


  • Trojan Conquest

    Will he throw in some hippie lettuse so I can appreciate the state he was in while painting this?

  • Jon

    That’s actually rather good.

  • sdog

    I like the 45-42. I was at that game. Classic

  • Sam Gilbert

    The 45-42 game was awesome.


    I too was at that game. Maddox almost brought his team to within field goal range to tie it at the end, but simply ran out of time.

    My most vivid recollection of that game was how I kept running up and down the aisle with excitement at the many turns of that game, and how the bruins tried to trip me as I ran.

    Now that was “classic.”