• Gnossos

    Can’t wait……..for the QB……….to get the best of……………the Baby Journalist!

  • lbc trojan

    Eric Berry’s younger brother committed to play at Tennessee. At the age of 13.
    Of course, it doesn’t make the news. Understandable.
    USC is different.
    Nonetheless, Wolf, you’re a jack@ss. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if this kid asked why you post about him so much?

  • Trojan_SF


    Scott’s actually “defending” the kid. Don’t you know that Scott makes spiteful comments because he’s actually defending him? Just like how he defends Pete Carroll’s records at SC.

    Scott does continue to act like a complete jack@ss by picking on a teenager, and doing so without cause. A very strange world you live in, Wolf.

  • spedjones

    I don’t see that Scott’s commented on the kid at all here. Why so sensitive, trogies? Lane’s feeling up 13-year-olds got you down? BTW, who was the coach at Tennessee when Berry’s younger brother committed? There aren’t any complaints when Wolfie writes about other trogan commits.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    the Baby QB looks like Nicholas from Eight is Enough!!

  • John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High

    Hey, Charlie Bucket actually had a good one there worth a laugh!

    spedjones psychological projection of his desire to molest 13-year-old boys… not so much. “Eight is Enough” has a totally different meaning for sped.