Double Duty


USC women’s basketball coach Michael Cooper, taking a work break, presents the Western Conference trophy to the Lakers after defeating the Phoenix Suns last night.

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  • Slippery Pete

    At least he watched his language.


    I wonder if the first thing Cooper said to the media before his TV spot was, “eff the Suns”. Coop likes to keep it classy!

  • osezno

    Rumor has it the current UCLA roster has a higher payroll than the Lakers.

    You would think Jordan Farmar would be a better negotiator after all his booster dealings in Westwood.

  • Maze

    “Rumor has it”, haha. Work with facts. Like the fact that Jordan Farmar took it upon himself to tutor Nick Young on his SAT, so that he could get into usc. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you…

  • John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High

    Fact: Jordan Farmar berated his own teammates on the court for play that he felt made him look bad and would hurt his draft stock. They hated him for it and were glad to see him leave. Don’t suck the nuts of someone who hated his time in Westwood…

  • Maze

    What’s with the UCLA (and sexual fantasy) fascination, J-Dub? I mean, even your handle is dedicated to it. You might need to address this in your next session. And please provide a QUOTE that JF HATED his time in Westwood. I won’t hold my breath…

    And if UCLA is considered Westwood High, what does that make usc? Middle school? Might want to check the academic rankings, JW–and not the ones that Sample conveniently doctored to exclude legacies and athletes’ grades (aka the US News…in which we’re still ranked higher, btw).

    You never thanked us for Nick Young, either–or this little thing called the Internet that you’re using to expose your stupidity. Thanks for playing…Happy Memorial Day!

  • osezno

    “even your handle is dedicated to it”

    So Maze translates “John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High” into a sexual fantasy…

  • John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High

    I love it. A bruin troll who can’t pry himself away from a USC blog, accusing others of having a fascination with his school.

    Not quite as good as your fellow troll ARTICULATE ROB but worth a chuckle.
    Don’t worry though, I’m sure your have it in you to embarrass yourself just as much as him.

    Now apparently a bruin is the sole creator of the internet so I think you should be able to handle looking up Farmar’s feelings for his teammates. I’ll give you a hint though, it’s in one of the major newspapers in the county.

    Maybe you can get help from some of the other attention starved bruin trolls (ask them how they picked their screen names while you’re at it) – cheatforever, cheatey petey, cheat on, LloydLake, RodneyGuillory, university of sanctions coming, Lame Kitten, slippery pete, WHAT’S YOUR DEAL…

    When you’re done feel free to come back to this Trojan blog to nip at our feet little troll. Tell us how fascinated we are with you.